Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finished projects

Here's the finished snowman runner. This is the best place for a picture it is so long. My 6 foot island still isn't long enough. I have this finished and want to take it to my neighbor today as I don't know if they will have family coming for Christmas Day.

Isn't this cute. I sure hope she appreciates snowmen.

This is a closeup of the end. You can see the quilting I did. By hand of course.

I called over this afternoon and they were both home so went over with my package. Hadn't been in the house since right after they moved in. What a surprise. Snowmen everywhere. She has this long table which I thought this runner would fit on perfectly. She had a runner with snowmen. Her big tree was snowmen. So I told her to open it.. I knew then that she was going to like this gift I had worked on for about a month. Makes one feel so good that it's Christmas

The center star.
After I finished the snowmen I decided to make another Candle Mat Wanted to give one to my DDILs Mother and her Aunt.
So found this bit of last years Christmas fabric and figured it would show up so much better than the first one I made, So easy and what great little gifts.

My Son and daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren from Colorado are here now in Fairfax staying with her Mother. They will be up along with my daughter and her family for the day after Christmas. Will be the first time we have all been together for several years. Might be the last as GS#1 will be graduating College this year. 2 GDs are in college now and one more will go next year so as they get older and away from home it is hard to get them all together.

Hope one and all has a very Happy Holiday season and thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

Your litttle Candle Mats are so pretty. Where did you get the pattern? Can you share? I hope you and your family have a great visit. Sorry you guys are alone on Xmas though.

Linda Z

pudge's girl said...

What a lucky neighbor you have and what a good neighbor your are. And that candle mat will have a happy ride back to Colorado. I, of course, am putting the binding on two mats today.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful, joyful holiday and many happy stitches for the new year.