Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh Little Tree, Oh Little Tree . . .

. . . . .Kim just made me go to Michael's on Wednesday and look what I ended up with. This cute little tree to put on top of this little chest that my good friend Patricia from Kentucky sent me for Christmas a few years back. It fits nicely on the windowsill of one of my windows. In one drawer I have a small collection of thimbles. and the other drawers just some other treasures.

This was the only place that I figured was good to put a little tree out here. The tiny ornaments that I got with the tree skirt exchange are on it along with a couple things I found along with the tree. They had a lot of decorations for these tiny trees.

The card on the window sill beside it is what came with the tree skirt also.
On the narrow wall between the windows I have several mini quilts that I have made.

Hopefully I can get another good picture of the final decorated tree.
This chest is 9 inches tall and the tree about 14 inches.

As you can see out the window over the weekend with all the wind blowing the leaves are almost all gone. Well they have settled along the front of the house so that the azalea's are covered. Protected now from the snows that will follow.

At least at night now we can see the lights of Boonsboro and far away the rest of the valley.

I am almost finished with my log cabin blocks so as soon as I can get another 7 blocks made for the last row I will get a picture. Have the 8 completed rows sewn in strips so am on the way. Then will come the two different borders which will also be strips and then small squares on the very outside.

Back to piecing and other necessary things to do in my household. Need to get to the library this afternoon for more paperback westerns for my husband to read. This is his entertainment besides watching the oldies on TV and Animal Planet. His favorite.

At least I'm not sending you off to play games like Kim. Personally I like the solitaire on Ace Games. This I can get easily on my MSNTV2.

Everyone have a great day this last day of November.


Angie said...

Your little chest and tree are adorable! :> Just perfect for your windowsill. :>

Kim said...

I used to put a tree just like yours in our bedrooms when my girls were little. They loved them. Thanks for reminding me of a happy memory, Eileen. :D