Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The World is my Oyster!

A couple weeks ago when I mentioned that I was fixing fried oysters when my daughter came up, I had a lot of comments and questions from the Hollow.

Saturday DH asked some friends of ours to come over for Sunday dinner of fried oysters, because they both like them. He figures any way to get me to fix oysters when they are in season.

So I thought I would try to take some pictures of the process and make some of you hungry.
Here they are all ready to cook. I dip them in egg and then roll them in ground up crackers. They need to sit a little so the cracker gets a little damp and will stick good to the oyster.

Then I fry them quick in a hot skillet. In Canola oil. See how bubbly they are. Turn them once and take them out

onto a paper towel. This was the first batch. They would look better on a plate with a big pile of potato salad and slice of cranberry sauce. With ketchup on the oysters.

Hungry yet? I am. These of course are Chesapeake Bay oysters.


Kairle Oaks said...

Those look delicious, Eileen! I'll be right over! I didn't realize that the oysters were so big, but what can you expect from a land locked girl?

Mar said...

you keep they oyster, I'll take the pearls :-)

Sharon said...

Wellll, they look good and a lot bigger than i imagined, but, no thanks. Now had you been making crab cakes I'd hopped a plane east.
Love those crab cakes.

Lindah said...

Oh, my, oh, my! How well I remember Chesapeake fried oysters! The just don't taste the same elsewhere. yuuum! :->