Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Latest Project

Here's a flannel quilt top I've been working on. Started out with a package of charms and a bunch of leftover strips from the same collection. Bet I've had them well over 5 years.

After seeing the TB Christmas Street Flannel with the snow and pines, I just had to make this up for my son and family. Since they live in the pines in Co. So have ordered the fabric for the backing. Will be nice for them to cozy up with in the living room. They use my GS's twin size quilt now. He had a big double bed instead of the bunk beds that I made the quilts for.

This is not finished here. The borders are only stuck on the board. I have since changed it a bit and have all but the outside narrow border on now

Soon I'll be able to add it to my HUGE basket full of UFOs:

This was Kim's addition. It will not go into this basket. Since I want to get it quilted for Christmas

Kim was the one that suggested I roll up the completed tops and put them in a basket. Little did she know I had a Longaberger clothes basket that I had no place to use in this house so it fits nicely on the hearth and is overflowing with tops. Notice there is also one sticking out of a large vase behind it.

All the quilts on the rack are quilted. . The one is an antique appliqued. Have another quilt rack behind the TV on the other end of the hearth that is full of quilted ones also.

Think I'll live long enough to get these quilted? Maybe if I give up the Internet and just sit and quilt in between doing for Hubby.

Kim's comment:

Good thing I bought myself a Juki so I don't have to hand quilt all those!


Nan said...

Eileen - your quilts are beautiful, and so is your blog! I will be returning to visit you often.

Kim said...

You know, Eileen, I'm not sure your basket is really much more full than mine! I know you've been making a dent in all your UFOs since you got the Juki. Nice job on the flannel top!

Kairle Oaks said...

What a great way to use up all of those scraps, Eileen! I'm sure your DSs family will love their quilt!

Pat said...

The basket idea is a good one. I might look around to see if I have one to use too. Do you think they come that big??? LOL;-)

Love the flannel quilt. It's going to make a nice gift.

MARCIE said...

Now that your projects look so cute in your basket, do you think you will ever finish them? LOL