Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some pictures today

I wanted to show you what I found out in the yard the other day. Last year we had about four huge Oaks cut down that were dieing. My new neighbor was afraid they were going to fall on their new home. These were all trees that were well over 100 years old. They cut up all the logs and will burn them in their fireplace.

This is one of the stumps and look at the fungus that grew out of the bottom of it this fall.
I said I had finally finished handquilting this BOM that my husbands Home care nurse wanted. She is paying a little for it. Wanted to give her something as she has been so good and helpful for us.

I just spread it out on the couch. There is a picture of it on the bed before It was quilted in an old blog

And here's a close-up of the center

You can see how I quilted some of it. The outside border strip has the same chain quilting.

My Husband has name it STAR GAZER.

Tomorrow I will show you what I'm working on for my son and family for Christmas.
And that's all folks! this is Kim's ending when putting in the pictures. So glad she's home but nice she and DH got away for a couple days.

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Kairle Oaks said...

What a cool picture of the tree stump, Eileen. I sometimes wish that we lived in a wooded area.