Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Day at the Dentist

No pictures today, Just a tale about the dentist visit.

Sat. I made BLT's for dinner and we like our bacon crisp, who doesn't. Well I guess it was too crisp for my husbands teeth. He broke one of his eye teeth off which made him look like a natural for Halloween. Awful.

So the first thing Monday morning he called our dentist and got an appointment for noon today. We were both thinking of all the different sequences that could happen. Is it going to be another visit to the oral surgeon to have it pulled.? Or maybe an addition to the small plate he has which would mean around $1,000 bill. We don't have dental insurance and Medicare doesn't pay for that. Maybe a cap?

So the first thing we meet up with is one of his former students. She had her daughter's in for checkups. No school today. He retired almost 30 years ago with 30 years teaching Chemistry and Biology at the same school. Yes, she recognized him and started talking. Seems he also taught her Mother. This happens all the time.

When he finally got back and Brenda, the dentist, That was to young to have had him, but her sister did . Proceeded to inspect his tooth. I didn't stay in. But a half hour later he was finished. and they called me to come get him. He uses a wheel chair as he only walks a little around the house and with a walker. Nothing more was said but he asked the assistant what he could eat. She said anything but be careful with an apple. Cut it up. How did she know that he has an apple every
afternoon? I peel it and so today it was cut into slices.

Well, he looked at me and said "See" opening his mouth and a new tooth.
Not a cap but she made him a new tooth. Drilled and put in two posts and with some new kind of material made him a new one. He said it didn't even hurt. I said there must not be any nerves left in it. but at least the roots are good.
Amazing what they can do now. and only $125. She does give us a Senior discount.

So home we came. Wouldn't it be nice that this happened every time you went to the dentist.?


Kairle Oaks said...

I've got a dentist appointment in the morning. Just the regular cleaning, but it sure cuts into my day!

MARCIE said...

That is amazing! I am stunned! i think those dentists have lots of secrets that they don't want us to know! LOL!