Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trees on the Table Challenge

. Marcie was so nice to give us this pattern for free, and then with Kim's challenge, I just had to make it. But-- didn't think it would take quite so long. But then If I'd read the instructions first. Like you are suppose to. Oh, I've been quilting and sewing long enough to know how to put this simple little quilt together.

This is the inside design I did. I've used all Thimbleberries fabric and wanted to make the candy stripe next border.

But first the problem I had, in case someone else doesn't read the instructions. I made the center pinwheel and since Marcie hadn't said HOW to construct this I had to think about about sewing these pieces together. I knew I had made some blocks at one time that had a center piece that had to be partially sewn then continue. See I did it the hard way. Sewing it together then was a breeze.

Well, it did take a while to make a template to cut the trees and side pieces out. Since I don't have one of those fancy things Marcie said she used.

But then the HST for the stripes. I don't use thangles either but cut my blocks a little bigger and then square them up. Got them all made last night and about half of them squared. Thought I really would beat Kim in making this as she had to go get more fabric, but this morning she said she was up late. Yah, finished hers. But she didn't do all those HST.

But love it and another one wouldn't take near as long

So here's my finished topper. I felt it needed another border so put the small pinwheels in it.

Now back to making log cabins. They are so additive.


Kairle said...

Looks great, Eileen! I think I'll have mine finished tomorrow.

mar said...

Fantastic Eileen! Looking good!

Marcie said...

That turned out so cute with your own special touch! It is already on my website!