Thursday, October 18, 2007

From Trees to Log Cabins

Kim keeps coming up with these neat titles so am leaving what she put.

All log cabins begin with trees,

This was my view yesterday afternoon as I drove up to my home, in the background. This is the tree that I had pictured yesterday from the carport. It is a Red Oak I think . most of the oaks don't turn this bright an orange.

Like Kim says all log cabins start from trees. We do have a log cabin down the road a ways. New one with a Red Roof.

This is the first block I finished last night.

I wonderend about putting that blue in the lights. It really is a medium , I guess, but looked back in the book at her picture and she has several of different med. prints, etc. which makes it interesting.

I also did my good deed for the day.
We had some visitors this morning. a friend of my husband and his wife. His wife has just gotten out of the house from having colon cancer surgery. They removed it but it has spread to the lymph nodes and the only treatment is Chemo. Which she says she does not want. She will just go when her time comes.

I had asked DH before they got there if she liked Pink. So I asked her and showed her the quilt I just finished. She loved it and I told her it was her comfort quilt when she got blue to wrap up and keep warm.

Makes one feel so good. We hadn't been able to get out to she her in her recovery but he has been faithful to come down and visit with DH who doesn't get out except to the Doctors offices.

Yesterday was a nice day out. I did buy one of the new TB Cover Story Panels of two children kneeling saying their prayers. Will quilt this up for my newest Great,great niece Simile.


Kairle said...

Great picture, Eileen. Most of our tress have already changed color and the wind is blowing the leaves around.

Your log cabin block looks great. You're really on a roll!

Marcie said...

I bet your friend was delighted to receive a quilt to snuggle in!

Sharon said...

I love log cabin quilts. I really need to start on the flannel one that I intend to get made.