Sunday, October 21, 2007

Latest Quilting Project

This is a Quilt made entirely from Feedsacks, including the backing. I saw it finished at the Feedsack convention in Lancaster, Pa. Probably about 1997. It was published in Traditional Quilting issue #42 in 1996.
Since I had been collecting feedsacks for several years, I figured this was a perfect quilt to make .

It is all hand pieced mostly on our trips to Colorado to visit with our son and family. Those are long stretches along Rt. 70 from Maryland.

I had put the blocks up when we stopped going out because of my husbands health. When I got them out and put them up on the board to see how many more I needed, I saw if had enough finished so started to sew them together.
I used about 4 full sacks for the backing and some pieces. All in blues.

I finally got it basted and had started to quilt it when I needed to get the BOM quilted for the Home Care nurse. Pictures and that story are in earlier blogs. This is before I had it basted.

There are no two prints alike, Except the green leaves. The background is all flour sacks so some are a little different shade.
Here it is in my hoop, I don't know if you can see the quilting or not. I've just did 1/4 inside the flower pieces. This is made of only one template. Just color placement.
I couldn't decide how to quilt the background or white pieces. Needed some way to bring the flower out. So started to Echo quilt around it.
I think you can see in the upper right the block is finished. The lower one is in progress. I use 1/4 in. tape to go around the outside and also the flower pieces. I just can't judge a good 1/4 inch.

Another thing that makes this harder to work on is the thickness of some places. With the piecing of the backing and then Feedsack fabric is not the finest that there is.

This will probably take several months to finish so it'll be back when done.

Thanks Kim for putting up with me.
She didn't leave any little messages for me today. Just a lot of dots. . . .


mar said...

Eileen!! my jaw is on the floor, this quilt is amazingly beautiful. Bravo!!

Sharon said...

Beautiful. I have such great patience to hand piece and hand quilt this one.