Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Bug Tale

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Western Maryland, Warm but not to hot to do a little work in the yard. We have 3 huge Oaks in our very small front yard which slopes down from the road. It has a ditch in the middle to carry the water away from the house.

I have plants along the front of the house and have a soaker hose to keep them watered. Well, walking in this little area has been hard because of all the acorns and some leaves so far. So I decided to rake them all up. Got a good pile and a box to put them in. I keep a pair of garden gloves in the kitchen window sill under the carport. So got them and started to put my hands in and OOPS there was something in all the fingers.

Shook them out and OH. Stink bugs.
Do any of you have these horrible bugs? We have had an on slot of them this fall. They get in the house and fly around and settle on a lamp or the back of a chair. My dh hates to see them and of course calls for me to get them off and out.

If you smash them they stink. So I usually throw them outside.

Anyway I shook the gloves and thought I had them all, Nope. So I put the gloves back on the window sill and let them have a nice warm home.

These bugs are about the size of a nickle and have about 6-8 legs. They make a funny noise when flying. Don't hurt you but they are BUGS.

I just used my hands to get the acorns up. Job done.


Mar said...

ewww, but I would afraid of the bugs in the acorns! Fortunately I don't think I've met a stink bug.

Sharon said...

i know about stink bugs, we have have them around here. Growing up the boys used to catch them and threaten to put them on the girls.

Kim said...