Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stripping for Fall

Fall is here . As I was getting supper together last night this was what I saw out the window. Grabbed my camera and went out on the carport and got this.

This is the view looking down our road. If you notice the two tall stumps, that is because when we had those dead trees cut down, my husband wanted the trunks left for the woodpeckers. I know it looks funny. But we love the birds.

OH, today is the 17th and my sons birthday. He probably doesn't read this but Happy Birthday, George. He lives in Colorado on the top of a mountain. What a view

And look at all these fabrics! Yep this is the start of my log cabin quilt that I showed the pattern to you yesterday.

Well this is the small container that I got several months ago when Patty was after us to organize our scraps. I have them stacked in different sizes in these small drawers. When I get one I don't want to use I stick it in. So this was easy to get out the first stack of 1 1/2 in and 2 in strips and start cutting. Judy Martin has the sizes all put down so they can be cut and ready to sew.

This is the smaller ones. I have little papers on them with the letter and size.

This is the longer ones. Didn't have room on the small cutting board for all of them.

I stood and cut these strips most of the day yesterday and last night my feet burned so bad I couldn't go to sleep. Had to get up and get them on my tile floor that is colder so they would stop it.

Does anyone in the group have neuropathy? Normally it is one of the things that goes along with Diabetes. But I don't have Diabetes. So why do I have it. ? Don't know. It's when the nerves in your feet get tired, I'd say. I do have a good medication. But when I wear shoes and socks for several hours they start to burn. So I go barefooted most of the time. Except outside.

That's enough of my problems. Not like Kim with a sore toe. and her weekly pulling of chin hairs etc.

Hopefully I'll have a little progress with at least one block made. Want to try that house block also as it will be made differenatly than the regular log cabin. Oh did you notice how many logs are in this block? 5 on each side and they finish to 3/4 of an inch. Hope my sewing is OK. Might have to check my 1/4 in. seam like she says.
Good bye!


Pat said...

Good for you getting started Eileen! I have a few other things to work on and then I'll be right behind you... I'll let you test the waters

My father in law has the same problems with his feet but he does have diabetes.

I just tested my seam allowance yesterday for another project I'm working on. I notice when I get in too big of a hurry it gets off a little. I'll have to slow it down to make this quilt!

Did you see the one with the pink hearts? It finishes at 1/2" logs!

MARCIE said...

Sorry to hear about your neuropathy. My Dad has that. He doesn't complain about burning tho, his are numb. So weird. Way to go getting all organized. I really want to do that, but just can't seem to stop the other stuff going on.

Melanie said...

Great fence--- I recognize some of those fabrics... they look like old friends.*S*. Have fun...

Kim said...

Glad to hear you don't have any pesky chin hairs, Eileen! LOL! I love your views! Good luck with the small logs--with the Jo's Little Women Club, I've done some like that. This month we're supposed to do 9-patch blocks that are something like 1-1/2" finished. Crazy!

kcdi said...

So very organized, I'm really impressed. Please come and organize my stuff. LOL!