Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One Done, another to Start

Remember this Mini I showed a while back? I got it quilted in just two days. by machine of course.

Now dear Patty from the Hollow told us about a new book on Log cabins, that Judy Martin had coming out. Course she had to send the link etc. and I fell in love with this pattern . So unusual with the cabins in some of the blocks. So I ordered the book

Then found out she uses 1 1/4 in. strips. EEK I started to cut them out today. More about that later.

Isn't this cute. I have so many strips of all sizes that I have tried to put together so figured this would be easy.

I need another project or quilt don't I?

Have a busy day in town tomorrow. Wed. is my day to go to the Beauty Parlor. My one thing I do for myself, except quilting of course. But then I have TB Club in the afternoon so guess what ? I get to go to the quilt shop. Do have to get some batting for the flannel quilt I have ready to pin. Well, when I get the batting.

More about the Log cabin tomorrow.

How did she know?
Say goodnight, Eileen! LOL!


Mar said...

Cute pattern, how many blocks have you made so far?

MARCIE said...

Your little quilt is really cute! Such a cute block and border too. The JM quilt looks really cool and like lots of work! The cabins are very clever, aren't they?

kcdi said...

Cute little quilt! And I can totally understand why you fell in love with that Log Cabin quilt... it is gorgeous!