Friday, February 29, 2008

A day with Hubby in the car

The past two days I had to take my hubby to doctor's appointments. 2 yesterday one right after the other and not in the same place. Today another one.

Not only is it a chore to get him dressed. He usually stays in pajamas at home but wouldn't dare go out without his dress pants on now. Then there is the wheelchair to lift out of the backseat and then put back later.

But-- the worst is having this guy after two years of me having to drive him around, telling me how to drive. " that car has his brake light on" There's a car behind you. UGH

It's been over two years now since he gave me the keys and said guess I better drive. He just didn't have the control of his legs and was driving so slow.

He taught me to drive when we first came back to Maryland from College and got our first car. I was 20 I guess. So certainly after 50 odd years of driving I guess I know how.

But for a man that always Had to be in control. He even drove when we visited our son in Colorado. Everyone knew that he would be the driver.

So what is one to do. I told him this morning after he told me there was a car behind me. Yah, Parked and I just brought him down the ramp in back of that car and knew it was there. Geeze.

So that's been my last two days.

Except I have cleaned off my shelves of Thimbleberry fabric and refolded it all like Bonnie did hers. Really easy once you get going and sure make the shelves look better. I'll get a picture to Kim tonight for tomorrow.

Just had to let off some steam. Do others have this problem?


Country Log Cabin said...

My husband always does the driving, but on the rare occasion where I do, Yes, he usually makes a comment. After all, he drove a truck for years, so is a "professional" driver! Aargh!!!

Kim said...

Which problem? Men?! Yeah, I have one of those "problems"! ROFLOL!

julieQ said...

I can't believe how familiar all that sounds!! After multiple accidents, he is still the "better" driver!

Kairle said...

It's okay to let off a little steam now and then, Eileen. That's the beauty of having online friends...we're here to listen and to give one another support. You certainly carry a heavy load, my friend. Hang in there.

BTW, your fabric shelves look great! What a good idea to cover them to protect the fabric from fading.

Marcie said...

My husband just said to me, "Do I make you as nervous when I am driving as you make me when you are driving?" YES! It's the lack of control one feels, I think.

Anonymous said...

oh yes I also have "this problem". My hubby is slowly losing his feelings in his legs so often I drive and soon he will probably be giving up the wheel. But I get "women dont know how to park" or you are going to fast/slow. I would have made that light etc. It is frustrating but I just smile and say "yes dear". That way I can drive him just as nuts! LOL
Dawn in Mass