Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dresdon Plate

Thought I would show you another of my older quilts that I made in the early 90's.

My Hubby had brought home this box full of these patches cut with one put together, by hand of course.
The prints are mostly 30's and 40's and like we do now, someone had cut all these little petals out and probably after making one block decided it was to much work.

Was a wonderful take a long project for the car and spare time at shows.
Got them all put together and quilted in 1994-95. That's what the label says. That's one thing you really need to do is put labels on your quilts. Now after almost 20 years I cannot remember when I made a quilt or sometimes even IF I made it.
That's what happens when you reach 77.
This is on the twin size bed in the basement that is my guest room- quilting room and sacturary for the Grand kids when they come. TV and all. This bed is an old spool bed. Otherwise the springs were ropes threaded back and forth across the bottom. It is from my Father-in-laws home and is a match to the one I sleep on. There were known as Mr. and Mrs. beds.

Here's a closeup of one of the blocks. The center is a repro. as is the borders that I used with the muslin. Can you see the quilting? Lots of feathers.

Here's another one and you can see the fabric I used for the sashing and cornerstones. I like this affect of the full size quilt on the twin size bed. It covers what is underneath the bed. Boxes. storage.

Hope You enjoy seeing my old quilts.

Then, especially for Kairle, here's my red Christmas Cactus just starting to bloom for the second time. There aren't as many buds as was on the pink one but since the blossoms are really only good for about a day I wanted to get this taken before more came out. You can see several buds which now are getting ready to open.

See the little figurine along side of the flower pot? This was a gift at Christmas from my neigbor Pat, that I made the Snowman runner for. It is so cute. An angel sitting in a rocker, "ME?" with her quilt on her lap. I keep it there on the windowsill to look at while I wash dishes.

Thanks for stopping by.


Screen Door said...

Beautiful quilt--- Brings back tons of memories-- gorgeous quilt on it...Great job.

Catherine said...

What a gorgeous quilt -- and the fabric is SO cheerful!

julieQ said...

Love your dresden plate! I cut one out entirely...then lost it! I have looked high and low and can't find it anywhere!

Anonymous said...

love the dresdan quilt. I have made a few of them. mostly lap size. I love the pattern.
It is fun looking at your quilts with you. kind of like a personal quilt show.
quilt on girlfriend!
Dawn in MA

Yvonne said...

I love it....that's one of my favorite patterns. I love your Christmas cactus. I use to have a big pink one....maybe I should get another one. Not sure if Maggie the pest would eat it.

Marcie said...

Really a lovely quilt Eileen. And your quilting is wonderful. You do such good work! And I agree with you about labels. I can never remember when I made something without a label.

Erica said...

That quilt is gorgeous. I wish I knew how to quilt. What a wonderful keepsake for people to have. Someday I would love to learn how to make quilts that are that pretty.