Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Musical Mountain

This is the quilt top that I have made for #3 granddaughter that will graduate high school in May. She's my son's daughter and lives in Colorado. Will be attending the Nothern Colorado University, I think it's called in Greeley. She wants to be a teacher.

When she was here this summer I was trying to figure out what kind of theme to make this quilt. Finally she was talking about the chorus and plays she was in. She loves singing so why not go for musical fabrics and this majestic mountain design since they live about 10,000 feet south of Denver. So I call it Musical Mountains.
She's in "Cats" this spring at school. Don't know what part she's playing.

Now what I want help with is the quilting. I have it pinned and have started quilting 1/4 inch down each side of the peaks. But that leaves a fairly large space in the middle to get some kind of quilting. I am a beginner when it comes to machine quilting. so have yet to master the art of free motion. I have tried to follow designs in some of the last quilts I've done .

So am open to suggestions for a beginner. Want to get this done so that when she comes back in June this year I can give it to her. Rather than mailing it. I want to see her face when she opens it.

I have tried to make quilts for the grandhildren to take to college with them. Sara has a large quilt for her bed at home so she needs a twin size for the dorm beds.

Thank You in advance.


atet said...

You could try just continuing to follow the lines you're already doing -- kind of like outlining a streak of lightning quilt thorughout. It's pretty easy to do on a machine and it looks great with that kind of pattern (I did something similar with my "Can't Crochet" quilt). The antique and older quilts you've been showing are amazing! I love seeing what you are up to :0).

Kairle said...

I didn't realize that it had been so long since I last dropped by your blog, Eileen. Love all of your quilts...old and new. Your DGD will love her Musical Mountain quilt. Thanks for posting the picture of your Christmas cactus.

Anonymous said...

I agree with atet about the following the streaks to quilt it. It will really bring out the zigzag pattern of the piecing.What a lucky girl to open this as a gift!
Keep up the good work.
Dawn in MA