Friday, February 15, 2008

Where Is Spring??

Tues, we had a nice day of snow showers. It would snow for a couple hours and I would go clean the drive.

Then it would start again. I cleaned the drive twice. Wasn't hard. Just have to push it to the edge. Only the length of a car. to the carport

By evening it was snow covered again, This being Primary day for Maryland, I didn't get down to vote. The snow plow never came though as there wasn't any school.

Well they were saying that it was going to warm up. Yah it was 20 degrees, and rain and Ice. UGH

Here's what it looked like in the morning. See how foggy it looks. That's the warmer air. Yah maybe got up to 25.

The worse part is my husband had an early appointment for some minor surgery at the Medical Center. Well, he hates that I have to drive and worse that he would have to ride with me in the snow or ice. Of course it was cancelled.

As well as school for the day

Here's the iclcles on the front of the carport. The trees look white because they are covered with ice.

Then I was going a little stir crazy although I got a lot of sewing done. Quilted the Bargello quilt. Am putting the binding on now.
Thursday, today I had my hair appointment and day in town. Wanted to go the the local Quilt Shop and see if they had a book Kim suggested. by Sharon Craig, Twists and Turns . They didn't and neither did Borders.

Then on the way home Hubby wanted me to stop and get some crab meat and I thought Carb Cakes would be good for a Valentine's Day dinner.

Coming through Boonsboro all of a sudden I noticed how the trees were sparkling. The closer to the mountain I got the more eveident.

As soon as I got home I grabbed my camera and tried to get some pictures of it. With the sun shinning on all that ice, they looked like diamonds of all different colors. This is off the end of the carport looking out back.
This one I took out the window. The smaller tree is my old dogwood tree which will be beautiful in the Spring.


Yvonne said...

It looks so pretty. I know it's not fun weather but it sure is gorgeous.

~Joan said...

Dear Eileen,

I didn't check to see where you live, but I'd guess you're not quilting on your porch right now. I grew up in PA and loved those days when the sun shone brightly on the ice-covered landscape. It always made me think of diamonds.

Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.

~Joan in warm NC

Joyce said...

Sorry you had a yucky weather day. At least you got in some good quilting time. :)

Marcie said...

You have been getting some cold and slippery weather. I would hate driving in that. Stay home and be warm!