Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cactus in Bloom!

Ah, yes, the cactus is in bloom again. I knew it had more buds but they weren't coming out so to the basement porch it went. Then when the buds started to come out I brought it back up to the kitchen. It sits on the open window that is above my sink and opens to my porch. The red one looks like it's getting ready to bloom again. So it will come up next. Isn't it fun to have these flowers that bloom a couple times a year.

But then I love my african violets that sit in my windows and bloom all the time

I also wanted to show you what I have done the last couple of days. I showed back in January the paper pieced center to what will be a Yours Truly Round Robin that we are doing in Carol Doaks group.

She gave us the instructions for the first round. We were to have 4 corner paper pieced blocks for the next round. Simple enough since she had given us the BOM also and in a 12 in. size and a 6 in. size. So I used that and added some strips inbetween and I have my completed round.


Here's the catcus. You can see the bare trees out the window past my porch.
These blossoms only last about a day then die but there is usually some others to come out.

We had a strange day today. I was up before it was light and then DH looked out and said it was sure foggy. Well, it started to get light enough to see and nope it was snowing. The ground was white. Wasn't laying on the road and never did. It snowed for about 2 hours and then stopped and the next thing I knew the snow was all gone. That's the way our snow's have gone this year. Guess we're headed for a rough March.

I know many of you have had a lot of bad weather, if not snow then rain and those horrible tornados.

Well, Tomorrow is another day and hope you all have good ones.


Kim said...

Somebody is having a good time with her quilting! :)

Nana B said...

I can't decide which is more lovely, the paper pieced block or the cactus. What a dilemma, they are both beautiful. I did a Carol Doak many years ago, it turned out but I haven't gone into paper piecing since. Maybe I should try again. Wish our snow would disappear as quickly as yours did. Mary

Kairle said...

What a nice block, Eileen. It kind of reminds me of your Christmas cactus. Be sure to show us a picture when your red one blooms!

Joyce said...

My Christmas cactus plants are blooming again too. I didn't do anything special but was glad to see the blooms again! I love them! Mine are pink, of course. :)

I love your pp block for the Carol Doak group. I thought about doing that but now am behind on my other block of the months. Must get busier! haha

K was paper piecing this week for school. :)