Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Log cabin

Remember the Kentucky Log Cabin quilt I made a few weeks ago? Well Judy Martin's web site said to send in pictures of completed projects so I did. Got a notice that it would be up in awhile.

Well yesterday the email came. My picture had been posted and right after came Judy's Newsletter. Wow, she sure writes long ones. Still haven't finished reading it.

I went into the site. Here's the link to Judy's pictures. There it is the first one (by Eileen). Wow what a picture . Looked at the rest and someone else had made a smaller one with very dark fabrics. I didn't like it near as much as mine.

Then I had a comment from one of my friends that blogs, a Hollow member, and she had seen it while going in to get Judy's free pattern . She says I'm famous. I hardly think so since I sent the picture to Judy myself. LOL


Paula said...

Congratulations! (Even if you did send the picture in yourself!) It's wonderful having others admire your work, isn't it? You deserve a chocolate for completing such a wonderful top! Love the fabrics and contrast. Great job.

Marcie said...

You really did a great job on that quilt Eileen! How fun having it posted on Judy' web site!