Sunday, February 17, 2008

Antique Dogwood

Thought I would show you one of my antique quilts. I used to buy and sell them and this one I decided I wanted to keep.

From the fabrics I think it was from 1890-1900. Beautiful quilting. It is all hand appliqued and I do think the name of it is Dogwood.

Don't they look like a huge dogwood flower and the buds. Love the scalloped border.

I don't remember now where I bought it but probably around this area. I used to go to a lot of house auctions as well as some auction houses. We did antigue shows for close to 25 years and I always had quilts and other types of needlework. That's back when you could buy a box of old lines for a dollar but sure can't do that any more

Here's a closeup of the flower and the quilting. Lots of feathers and between the blocks are round feathers.
Here I think you can see some of the quilting pretty good. It is in perfect condition and hangs on the towel rack in the living room with a couple of my quilts.

Now our Ice is all gone and today turned out really nice. Got clear up to 45.

Then made better when my daughter came up this afternoon for a sleep over. She tries to get up every six weeks or so. The family, that will be home, will be up right before Easter so that is about another month. I think she enjoys the relaxing she can do here away from her duties as wife, mother, and now for awhile caregiver to her husband who had some knee surgery besides having Lyme desease which prevents him from working full time. He is a Lawyer. Then she is a teacher's Assistant in a Special School and will get her Master's degree come summer. On her last class.

We're proud of her.


Lindah said...

That is a lovely quilt, Eileen, a keeper for sure.

Kim West said...

That sure is pretty. What a great find!

Anonymous said...

Eileeen I think this quilt is beautiful. Love the colors. I use to bid at auctions here, but they always went really high. Maybe because of the Amish. Some people think everything is Amish here. LOL!

Linda Z

julieQ said...

gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing your older quilts with us.