Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fire Pictures

Here are some pictures of Main street after the big fire on Friday.
This one shows the end of the hotel and the house next door that was damaged badly..
This was apartments upstairs and a bakery that was closed on the main floor. Used to have a TV repairman when we used to get them repaired. and they lived upstairs.

See how they have the wall up all around the damaged buildings. This was taken on Sat. 24 hours after the fire and they were cleaning up already.
This is the shell of the hotel. If you want to see what it looked like before go back to posts on 10/10/07. I talked about the hotel and how Nora Roberts was going to restore it. She said it was about 3/4 done and she had hoped to open this summer.

The scaffolding at the end of the building was all covered with blue tarp and the front of the building. To keep in the heat while the worked in the cold weather. I also think they might have been re pointing up the brick and the stones. They needed it badly. They had that street blocked off so they could clean up.
The walls are at least a foot thick and seems like the fire didn't hurt them at all. Just got rid of all the wood.

This the how the stores directly across the street looks. They are brick but had been covered with vinyl siding and the heat just curled it up. All the store windows on this side of the street had been busted in by the fire dept. As the heat was cracking them. The worst part the store on the corner had just gotten new windows after the fire there last year in a pizza parlor. I don't think they have rented that store yet. The next one is a beauty parlor and then the confectionery store. But the windows were all boarded up but the confectionery store was open.
The next building , not damaged is Nora Roberts book store and they had planned a book signing this Saturday and she went ahead with it so that brought lots more people into this little town.
This is a picture of the next building down from the hotel. The one on the right is a double home with the windows all boarded up. The next is our little library which I am in a couple times a week. It used to be the Boonsboro Bank. So is brick and probably would only had damage to the roof if the fire had come down the street farther which is what the city was afraid of . The house then next door is City Hall and it is connected in the back to the Library.

But soon hopefully next month they will be moving into the new library. I think they are finally putting the carpet in.

Now today's paper said that Nora Roberts had good news from the officials yesterday. They said the Walls were all sturdy enough to rebuild and she said that was exactly what she would do. So it will probably be another year till be get this lovely old restored hotel. built in 1797 they think
This was taken down the street a ways looking back you can see the damage to the house next door. It's brick but the roof is down. The little building next door is the Subway shop. It had smoke damage but the firewalls saved it .


Kathie said...

this is so sad, I am glad to hear she is able to rebuild and will.
Hope it doesn't effect the economy in this small town too bad,

Joyce said...

Wow! How sad she lost that after all the hard work. Such a loss to a small town.

Finn said...

Hi Eileen, wanted to pop ove and thank you for stopping by the Orphan Train and leaving such a nice comment. New faces are always welcome *VBS*
I'm not sure what the next destination for the Orphan Train book is but I'll contact Marcie and see if anyone is in line after Terry at Quilt Nut.
Hope you come back and see us again. Hugs, Finn
P.S. Love your wonky T blocks! What a neat quilt that will be.

Marcie said...

OMG look at your town! Your photos are amazing. I bet you are stunned. BTW, your T blocks are great!