Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fabric Storage units

First you have to remember that this is a narrow 6 Foot wide porch converted into my sewing room. It's long. So I had to condense things as much as I could.

These shelves, 2 of them, my husband made for me in our old house to keep my cones of yarn on while I was knitting.

So now they have become my fabric shelves. The curtain over them as seen in the first picture was because of the sun coming in the 5 windows I have on the opposite wall. My DD said I better cover the fabric or I'd have strips of fading. Yet that happened pretty quick. This was a black floral fabric I had lots of so made these curtains for both shelves.

As you can see in this picture they are quite faded. The two lower shelves hold my quilt library. The blue things hanging on the side are my templates hanging on a nail.

Here you can see how neat the shelves look. I have them sorted to color. The very top shelf which you can't see has some backing fabrics I got a good buy on.

Now the one middle shelf is still a mess. It's FQs which have been cut and stored. Don't know what else to do with them. All the good FQs got refolded and put in one of the little top drawers of the lower units that have my OTHER fabrics in

This is the other shelf. This is the way the TB shelves looked before. But this is more of the OTHER fabrics. Not going to do anything with them. They are hidden

The weather outside today is Sunny, cloudy and windy and cold. Hubby said he saw some flurries a bit ago but I don't think we are in for anything.

I spent an hour and half in the basement this morning quilting on my DGD's Musical Mountains quilt. Have just one more row to go and then something down the middle of each and of course the border. Will mark something it free motion for that. Hopefully within the next week I can get it finished and picture up.

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Finn said...

Hi Eileen, thanks for stopping by over at my blogs, Orphan Train and Pieces from my scrapbag. Always nice to see a new face...*VBS*
What fun to see your quilting porch. In one house we had, I also had a long narrow porch to sew in. The light was wonderful, but the sun sure does a number on fabric. It's almost worth it tho, just to have such great light.
Regarding the Orphan Train book. It's goint from Terry at Quilt Nut to a friend of hers locally, then on to Susan at Desert Sky Quilting. If you would drop Susan a quick email, she'll get in touch with you and you can be next on the list to read it.
We read it and send it on, with our name, the date and a comment added in the front of the book. It's traveled to 10 of us so far, having begun its journey in CT. If no one requests it from you, I have the name of the person who it will be returned to...just give a hollar.
I hate put Susan's email addy here, so why don't you link over to my Pieces blog and click on her blog link. I'm at
Let me know if you hit any snags, Hugs, Finn

Anonymous said...

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