Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wonky "T"s

First off this morning, I have a picture of my ironing board. Seems Libby wants to see our setups.

So Libby, this is mine. You see my porch is long and narrow so when I was designing it I had to come up with a suitable arrangement for my work stations. I wanted this Big Board. It is made to fit on top of a regular ironing board to give a bigger space to press. I didn't have room for a regular ironing board and also needed more storage space. So saw these plastic drawer units in the office supply store and they were perfect. The board sits on them and I have my space to iron, when I get the rest of the junk off, and also drawers below for different colors of stash. Little drawers on the top for stuff.

Course as you can see it also has books sewing stuff as I sit next to it and watch my soap in the afternoon and do hand work. On the lower side is my Featherweight in the extension table and the other side I have a 6 ft. table for cutting. More drawers underneath. It works for me.

Now on to the latest project. Here is a picture of the Wonky T blocks sewn together on my board.

Am going to put a 4 inch muslin border and then am making a 3 inch wide braid for an outside border with another 4 inch muslin border. I think they will help tone down some of these wild colors and prints.


Libby said...

Very nice set up . . . and no patches *s*

Kathie said...

I love these!
I am going to have to try this now! thanks for showing us how to cut it to make in wonky I do have that book, guess I ought to take it out and read it!

matilde said...

Es una artista con la ahuja!!.Me encanta su blog lo podre en favoritos para pasar por el todos los dias y apreciar sus mara villas un saludo desde EspaƱa