Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunbonnet Sue

Julie Q the other day pictured some Sun blocks she found and is putting into a quilt. It is so much fun to find these old blocks. I did a number of years ago and made my granddaughters quilts.

But she wanted us to show OUR Sunbonnet Sue quilts. I have the one that my Mother made for me. I presume before I was born which was July 1930. So the little girl was all the rage at that time.

You must remember that back then the quilting instruction they had was their Mothers or the other ladies in the church. I don't think my Grandmother quilted.

Here is my quilt,rather worn. It is sort of machine stitched down but tied with yellow yarn.

There are some very neat old prints. Many are very faded.

Here's a closeup of one of them and below another.

Tomorrow I shall show you the one that my Mother made for my daughter at my suggestion. She did a lot of quilting in the 40' through the 70's. Never made me one because she said I could make my own.

I have pieces off one of hers.

Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway. Tues, is my first anniversary.


lottery tickets said...
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hemant said...

Quilts are looking good. I love hand made stuff. The design and the embroidery on it, is just so cute.


Kathie said...

Oh your quilt is so pretty even if it is worn :)
I loved looking at the fabrics and the quilt, thank you for sharing it.
so nice that you have this quilt and its memories

eileen said...

What a precious treasure you have there. I love sunbonnet sue, and these little ones hold a lot of memories for you I'm sure.

Linda said...

The quilt has so much character! I love tying down quilts with bright yarns, it just adds a little "zip". Can't wait to see tomorrows quilt!
Happy 1st Anniversary a couple hours early!! :)

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