Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've Finished

This Round Robin quilt which has been down on my Juki partially completed for so long. This past week by going down for a hour at a time I finally finished it.

I thought that my daughter could use it for her schools Charity Raffle quilt for this coming year but now she has gotten her own classroom of kindergarten children and moved to the elementary school next door. These will still be special Ed. students but a little better than in the other school. So she said she would wait and see if this new school has any fundraisers before commenting to the old Special School.

This was made about five years ago by a group I was in with members all over the U.S. As you can see I have the binding sewn on but my daughter said she would whip it down. So took the picture before it was completely finished.

Here's a closeup of part to see what quilting I did. I do mostly straight line but in the flowers and square in square with the design, I free motioned. Not good but it's quilted.

Another section of close up

Then this evening I've had a strange thing happen. My daugter was up ovenight and before she left I asked her about making a pocket backing for this Sailboat which I am making into a pillow.

Well. I thought I was IF I can find it.

I took it and the Yours Truly Paper pieced top into the living room to get the paper off the back while watching the news. Had taken my smaller cutting mat into use as a table to use the seam ripper to cut along the paper seam. Makes it easy to pull off.

When I finished I picked both pieces and the mat up and laid them on the dinning room table to get something for hubby. Then picked them back up and carried them out to the porch. About 6 steps. Put the mat where it belongs and laid the YTRR piece on the ironing board and looked for the sailboat. But where was it? No place to be seen. Where can a 14in. piece of fabric disappear to in such a short time?

Hubby would say the squirrles took it. !!

This was the last pattern that Carol Doaks left us with as she went off on a Cruise up the North East coast. We were to have a picture in the album by the end of the month. She then picks randomly a name for 60 FQs. She loves to give out prizes and it get us all making her patterns. I thought this was so cute and found this Lighthouse fabric in my stash and figured it would make a cute pillow. Now I'm ready to make it but no sailboat.

Stay tuned. Hopefully I will feel very foolish when it shows up.


Jeanne said...

Congratulations on a great finish for the round robin quilt! Hope your sailboat shows up soon. I know how frustrating it can be to misplace something. *s* That snake was a bit too close for comfort, too.

eileen said...

This is very very beautiful.

I just read ahead, and see you found your sailboats. I can't tell you how many times that happens to me!
This is going to me a very cute pillow cover if that is what you decide to do with it.