Friday, August 1, 2008

Christmas in July with flowers

.The Thimbleberries group I'm in always tries to get us going on gifts for Christmas early and that means a swap among us. It is secret who has our name as well as who we have.

They were to be at the persons home by the 31 of July and then we could open them. Mine went to a dear friend in Toronto, Canada and she got it a few days early. We never know about the mail between the states and Canada.
Since she was the very first one to open yesterday, I can show you what I made for her. It is hand quilted and all Thimbleberries fabrics. The pattern I got out of one of the TB books. Now I don't remember which one and I know it was a topper and I used only one of the blocks and put it on point.

Now I took the camera to the yard to get more pictures of the Naked Ladies. I'm so pleased that as many came up that did but very unhappy about something, probably squirrels thinking they looked good. But just cut two of them off. As soon as more of them come clear open I get another picture.
This was taken in the evening so a little dark. They are all along this part of the lower drive opposite the perennial garden. They are getting very tall close to 2 feet now. I would think they are getting plenty of light

This was taken from the other end. Those are small dogwood trees behind them
We have gotten so much rain this summer the weeds are growing as good as the plants.
This is a white bleeding heart. Every seen one. I hadn't but couldn't resist when I saw this little plant at the nursery at the beginning of the summer. It is growing nicely even though the varmint that keeps digging holes in under the plants. There must be something in the potted soil that they go after. I think it's the chipmunks but maybe not. Anyone have any suggestions.?
I've filled in the holes and the next thing I know it's there again.

I've finished the center of the little Schnibbles but am waiting for a jelly roll of the fabric to finish it off.

Also be working on the plaid blocks. This quilt I am really going to like, when and if.

Hubby just takes a lot of time and then feeding him also. Wish I had a cook.

Enough for today. Thanks for dropping by.


Patchwork Penguin said...

Oh your quilt is lovely.... well done!!! I have some Naked Ladies out back as well......... but I think they need to be in a shadier spot....... I'll dig them up this fall and move them, they haven't come up yet.



Amanda said...

Those Naked Ladies are amazing, I don't think I've ever seen them here, but I'll be looking out for them now. The white bleeding heart is really pretty too.

Jan said...

Love your TB quilt--you did such a great job on it--the quilting is beautiful! Your flowers are lovely--I've never seen a white bleeding heart--so unusual!----Quilter Jan (Anne's Mom)

Barbie Jo said...

What a pretty quilt for your lucky swap partner!
And I also wish for a cook most days Eileen!
Have a great week.