Monday, September 1, 2008

More Sunbonnet Sues

I wanted to separate these from mine as they are different. Except the first one is the one I had asked my Mom to make for my daughter after she was born almost 50 years ago. But it is very similar to mine.

She made the blocks a little smaller and had more of them. I have taken two closeups of ones that I remember the fabrics from.

Both of these were made from My fabrics when I was in High School. Can't remember exactly what. But I'm sure the blue one was a skirt that I made.

Now this one you can see is much more modern. I made this for my second granddaughter, Angela. The blocks I bought in Ohio at an antique show. The blue border fabric I remember I bought at Wal-Mart when they first came to town and had this repro fabric. I'm sure the blocks were made in the 30's. I thought I had made one for Ashley also but couldn't find it. Maybe Daughter has it with her.

These two close-ups are of the lower corners and I have written on one.

Blocks bought in Ohio

Made in 1930

Eileen Schamel, 1993

The other one says

Made for my Granddaughter

Angela M. Collinson

by Mamaw

Hopefully she will treasure this as much as I treasure the one that my Mother made me. As you can see she has not had it to use. I think my daughter had it on the wall in their room but the room was small and with two growing girls wanting other things on the wall she put it away for safe keeping. So it is at my house.

I've been busy today sewing the BOM together and taking paper off those 12 in. blocks. I have gotten the right fabric. The outside border I had ordered from Thousand Bolts and it's perfect. Then I found a small red check in the basement for one border and at the suggestion of one in a comment I am also having a 1 1/2 finished yellow-gold border. Not sure yet if it will be on the inside or in-between the red and the blue outside.

Hope to get a picture in a couple days. Just need to get the strips cut and the whole quilt squared up.

I have gotten a lot of comments wanting my little mini quilt so will be drawing a name tomorrow. and posting. Good Luck to everyone.


hot stock said...

well its nice to know that you have great hits here.

hemant said...


This painting shows the beauty of nature. Paste more painting like this.


Kathie said...

thanks for sharing these two quilts as well
The Sunbonnet Sue quilts are just precious.
Its nice to see how this quilt pattern is being passed down in your family.
3 generations of Sunbonnet Sues!

eileen said...

I love the girls made with your dresses.. they are wonderful. And the new quilt is beatiful too! Thank you for sharing these with us.