Monday, August 4, 2008

A very good read

. .I just finished this new book by Emile Richards. - Sister's Choice .If you haven't read any of her books you are really missing a good story about relationships, quilting,the Shenandoah Valley particularly around the area of Toms Brooks .This was sort of a special area for my hubby growing up as he had and aunt and uncle that lived there and he spent his summers there some.
I think this is the fourth of the series. I believe. I have at least one other one listed in my favorite reads.

While I was waiting for this to come via the library, I got another one of hers set in Georgetown, DC. called Prospect Street. This is a mystery, love story and Mother Daughter relationship.
This book has lots of twists and turns and towards the end you just can't put it down. Got to find out what is going to happen next.

Now I have some more pictures of the naked Ladies
All in a row along the lower drive. Those stems were close to 2 feet high.
You notice I say "were" last Sat. we had a fierce storm, really two of them about fifteen minuets apart. Driving rain, hail, wind and an inch of rain and it broke all those stems off to the ground, all going in one direction from the south. Strange..
At least like Kim said I had gotten these pictures. This is a closeup. I cut one off a little and brought it in the house . It's still looking good..
Just had to get a picture of this new ground cover. It's called Goldilocks, lysimachia rummularia. I brought the label up with me. I saw it this spring at a nursery and always looking for different perennials that take partial sun. This thing is really growing. Taking over that little part of the garden. Looks so neat falling over the rocks.Also called Creeping Jenny.I see in reading the back that it is drought resistant, which is good but not needed this year but also Deer resistant. That is good. The other day I got some pictures of 3 fawn and two does eating away on the weeds in the back yard. Sure are seeing them more now. Usually only see them in early morning or later evening. Guess they know that they can't be hunted now.

I've been pretty busy with hubby and my daughter and oldest granddaughter were here overnight on their way to Lancaster to a game show convention. Was nice to have them a little while. Ashley , our artist, will be going back for her Junior year at UART in Phili in Sept. and probably won't get back up here. She works at the country club that her brother works at some and has for years. I wanted to see her as she cut her long hair off and she looks so different and its curling now like her Mom's.

I got a couple things from the Fat Quarter shop yesterday. Had to use that gift certificate. Needed more of the Wildflower Serenade so bought the Jelly roll for the long strips and also got for the first time a set of Twice Charm in the TB Christmas Punch. These are 5 x 22 so enough for some small projects for Christmas.

Now to finish up the Novantique. Also been working on getting the plaid blocks finished. I have 6 more to go. This will make a 5 x 6 block quilt with a border of some kind a really neat throw. Pictures later.

Now with the sun setting in the west giving the clouds a gold lining, I will close. Hope all is well where ever you may be.

Life is good.


Carolyn said...

I just got a call from the library today that Sister's Choice is waiting for me to pick it up. I read the first book over a year ago and read the second and third books last week. I'm looking forward to getting into this one over the weekend. I'm glad to know it's a good one!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the naked ladies. Darn storms this year are very distructive. I also just finished Sister's Choice. It was a very good book. One ogf those that's hard to lay down. I enjoyed the setting because my DGM was from that area of VA. Sounds like you will be busy with all your goodies. I looked at the new size TB the other day and couldn't ddecide what I would do with them. anxious to see how you put them to use. BTW nice that the kisds stopped by. I bet Geo enjoyed that.

Linda Z

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all those typos. Can't talk and type anymore. LOL!

Linda Z

Barbie Jo said...

Well Eileen I guess I will take your recommendation and pick up Sisters Choice for a new read. I just can not get through my current book. Looks like you got yourself some wonderful fabric to work with, I love the fat quarter shop. I'll be waiting to see what you stitch up, enjoy the weekend!