Saturday, August 16, 2008

My New Friend

The other day I went out on the carport to fill the bird feeder and water the hanging plant. Looked down and wrapped around the railing and in front of the door to go to my porch was this:

I decided to get my camera and get a couple pictures. Before I go further I shall say it is a large black snake and they are harmless. My hubby said to grab it in back of it's head and carry it across the road to the woods. Yah, sure. I think it weighs a little more than I could handle.

I then went down the steps to get this picture from below. See him wrapped around the railing.

Later I saw him going down over the porch by way of the post. I hoped he was gone.

But later that day I went out to take the garbage and he was stretched out on the carport at least 3 feet long. Headed for the generator, and where the garbage can is kept along with the bag of recyclable pop cans and other recyclables. I keep a tarp over the generator to protect it from blowing rains. I was afraid he would get under there and settle for winter.

So yesterday while my husbands friend was here I carefully took the tarp off and started the generator to scare him away. So far have not see anything of him again.

At least this wasn't as bad as the rattlesnake that JulieQ's husband almost stepped on. She had pictures of that a few days ago.

Thanks for stopping by. Seems to be a lot of new bloggers stopping lately.


eileen said...

The boys found a black snake once when they were little. They caught it and kept it in a glass terrarium for quite a while. But they had to keep finding things to feed it. Seems I remember them throwing in minnows. But I hope your new friend decides to go sleep in the woods, and not under the porch for the winter!

Candace said...

I don't like snakes, so your pictures kind of give me chills, although if you are going to find one better one that is useful instead of poison. I saw the pictures of the rattlesnake, too. We occasionally see them in our yard, and I don't kill them, but I hope that keep on traveling. My grandmother had one that hung out on her front steps, and she called it her pet.

Barbie Jo said...

Creepy Creepy! Yep, just grab it by the head and carry it away Eileen! I would have died! Heres hoping hes gone on down the road!

julieQ said...

Yikes!! Your snake is bigger than my snake! And closer to home. I really don't like them too much, but if they mind their own business, I will too.

Christine said...

Well, snakes and I don't mix, they give me the oh......
Black snakes in Australia are deadly, they have a red belly.
We came to Australia from Germany 25 years ago and I told my Husband if we ever have a snake in the garden we immigrate to somewere else, he laughs.


Linda said...

YOu are brave! I would not care how harmless the snake was, I would have locked myself in the bathroom sitting in the tub, and calling 911! No way would I have even gotten close to thinking of getting a camera! LOL HEre's hoping he slithered off to another state! <- just NOT mine :D