Thursday, August 7, 2008

A haircut can do wonders.

On Monday my daughter came up with her oldest daughter, home for the summer from art school in Philadelphia. This is a picture I took at Christmas when my whole family was home. These are the three granddaughters doing the dishes. The first one washing is Ashley, our artist. See that long hair. Clear down to her waist.

Well this summer she decided to get it cut. I was so anxious to see how she looked so Dear daughter brought her up for overnight.

Here is what it looks like now. She is sitting Indian style in the chair facing the table and a lamp that her grandfather asked her to make a drawing off.

It isn't the best picture but will have to do. It changed her looks so much.

Now here is a picture of the lamp. Turn of the center leaded. We use it as a night light for Hubby as he sleeps in his chair in the living room and likes some light. It came from his grandmothers home.

The base is cast iron and quite a nice design. She didn't get it finished, think she got bored and went to bed. But I took two pictures for her to use to finish this up.

What he wants this for is beyond me. Maybe to see if she could do it.

Now we won't see her until Thanksgiving. She is in Illustration this semester and loves it. Has an apartment off campus in a private home with another student.

All for now, Maybe have some quilting stuff soon.


Tazzie said...

Hi there Eileen, doesn't a haircut make a huge difference? I love the lamp, it's so very pretty.

Edna said...

Just saw the lamp on this post.. It may be a "Tyffany" lamp. If it is, it will be VERY valuable, possibly worth thousands of dollars. Might be worth checking over to see if you can find any trademarks or other marks and then do a bit of research. Your hubby is one VERY lucky guy to have been left this by his grandma.