Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some Finished Some Not

First I want to thank all you new bloggers that have been visiting me on the porch. Really surprised at some of the comments. New people all the time.

Right now I want to let you all know that next week I shall have a special announcement. I'm coming up on my first year anniversary and want to do something special.

Now for the something finished. The lost is found and now sits on my headboard along side my snowman pillow. So a sailing I will go and what an evening it would be. Just looked to the west and a long stretch of red with grey clouds all around. Another beautiful sunset. Don't think I've seen any quite like the one I caught a couple years ago and use for my header.

First the Sailboat all complete in a 14" pillow.

Next is the completed top that Kim got me into making by sending me three of the Schnibbles patterns. I really wanted to make Little Red out of the two sets of Charms she sent me for my Birthday but there wasn't enough lights in it. So the next one was this Novantique. With the gift card she also sent from the Fat Quarter Shop I bought a jelly roll of the Wildflower Serenade. They didn't have the fabrics in then. So I used 4 different reds for the inner sashing and then finished up the 2 patches for the outer border. I put up some lights to see if an outside border of lights would work, Nope. You know the camera is the best way to test that. With this on the wall it looked very dark but when projected on the TV it look great with nothing else. Very cute little wall hanging.

Now to get it quilted.

I do have the pieces cut for the Little Red out of a variety of fabrics. Had a couple different charm sets and then used some of the TB lights. This is fascinating the way they came up to do this pattern. But that's for later. Other things in the works now.

This is the 12 BOM which Carol Doaks has been giving out to her group. One of them really doesn't go to well but that is it. I thought they ought to be separated a bit so am planning to put them on point and put a quarter square triangle with a navy and white. That will have a secondary design and let each block shine. Can't believe I made all of those. This will be a work in progress for awhile.

Love that you stopped by to see what I was doing.


Tazzie said...

Wow, you've been so busy Eileen, it all looks just amazing!

Amanda said...

The sailboat cushion is a triumph Eileen, how lucky that you found the missing part - I'm still hunting for my missing book. The BOM quilt is very striking and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Barbie Jo said...

Well Eileen, are you in a race with Kim? LOL
All that stitching, you have been a busy girl and your projects are lovely!

eileen said...

I honestly can't see which BOM doesn't go with the others.. they all look perfect together. That is going to be one stunning masterpiece. I really look forward to your progress reports on that one.

The cushion turned out very cute!