Monday, August 18, 2008

I found It

I knew it would show up but when and where?

I had to take my hubby in to have a tooth pulled this morning and keep trying to think where I hadn't looked.

The only place was the porch, not good anyway.

I have a Big Board for my ironing board and it sits on two large storage bins that I had bought at the Office supply store. They were the right height and on wheels to move easily. Had two large drawers and 4 little ones at the top. Great for storage of fabrics and stuff.

The middle section is open so if I sit at it and can put my legs there. But I also got another smaller plastic container with 3 drawers to put strips like Bonnie says to cut from scraps for future use.

I had laid these tops on here. I had looked back behind from the top but had not seen anything. Behind is the electric heater. This being under one of the windows of the porch.

So after I had hubby settled this afternoon I decided to investigate further. Moved the smaller drawer unit and crawled back to look good. Should have cleaned a little while I was at it but didn't.
Here was my sailboat almost clear under one of the big units. How it slipped down there is beyond me. Maybe with me moving the whole thing yesterday looking it slipped under. So I have my sailboat and now can get the back envelope made for my pillow

I was thinking about maybe quilting it a little but don't think I will. Am afraid it might make it to tight to fit the 14 inch pillow I purchased last week for it.

I shall show you when it get finished.

Oh, and Hubby seems to be doing fine. This was a cuspid that broke off and the worst part it held a small partial plate. The dentist thought ahead and took a form and had the tooth added to the partial and the surgeon had it to stick on after he had stitched the hole a bit. But Hubby took it out as he said it was to high so that means another trip to the dentist on Friday. Lets hope he can soon be able to chew something a little firmer that the last 3 weeks.

Now on to get some sewing done.


Jeanne said...

Glad to hear that your sailboat has docked.

Amanda said...

So glad you found it - isn't it frustrating when you lose something like that. Perhaps you can come and help me look for my Lynette Anderson book!

Kim said...

Yay! So glad it turned up, Eileen!

Barbie Jo said...

Thank goodness it was your sailboat you found.
You had me in such suspence Eileen, I thought for sure you were going to find that SNAKE LOL! I was all set to scream. Hope Hubs chompers are feeling good by the weekend so he can eat to his hearts content.

Candace said...

Glad you found your sailboat, and your round robin is beautiful. Having been to the dentist yesterday myself, I can commiserate with your husband.