Sunday, August 10, 2008

How I Spent my Summer Vacation

What vacation???

This is what Kim put for a title when she put these pictures in. I know she has fun with her blog so might as well let her have some fun with mine.

This is the last block of Carol Doaks block of the Month she has been giving us.
This was rather an unusual one. These 4 - 6 in. sections could be turned any direction. I like to wait and see what some of the others do with them before planning how to make mine.
Now we have 12 blocks to make into a quilt. Will have to wait till I get my board cleaned off of other projects before working on it.

Now as for the vacation. I have been quilting this Feed Sack quilt for at least a year. Well, I stopped for a couple months to quilt a special quilt for our Home Care nurse.

Kim has been asking me how close I was to done. I didn't know so decided to stretch it out and take some pictures to show her what was taking me so long, besides not quilting more than maybe an hour a day if at all.

I showed this when I first started my blog close to a year ago. It is all hand pieced and hand quilted. But see those large light places between each of the flowers? I didn't know what to quilt in them so thought if I did Echo quilting it would make the flowers stand out.
I hope you can see the quilting when you click on the picture to enlarge. Each one of those Octagons are about 6 in. and takes about 4 hours to quilt and at least 4 different strands of thread. I know I was crazy to start that. My daughter told me so long ago. But sometimes you have to do what you think is what it needs.

As you can see this is what I'm working on now, or was. It is finished. and I really was surprised how little I have left to do. This is close to the edge.

Each one of these flowers are made up of the only one template. It is the placement of the colors that makes the pattern. Every flower is different feed sack. The white or off white is made of sugar sacks. You know the things your Mother or grandmother used for dish towels. At least mine did. In an over view of the quilt you can see a little variation of the color of the white.

This shows the edge pieces and yes I'm doing the echoing in them also. I will just bind this with the white sugar sack fabric. You can see I used the same green for the leaves though out and the centers are dyed sugar sacks I believe. I found the colors. This shows a good close-up

In keeping to the feed sacks this is a part of the pieced backing. All of them are in blues and greens.

Hopefully before the Olympics is over I'll have a lot more done on it. I have two corners and some of the small outer pieces to do.

Since I only do this quilting in the living room while watching TV with hubby, sometimes I don't get much done. Now IF he liked to watch the baseball games instead of some of Animal Kingdom I might get more done. I do have several more tops that are waiting to be hand quilted. Think I will get them done? I don't know.

Thanks for dropping by.


Barbie Jo said...

Boy Eileen,
Your quilt is absolutely beautiful! And hand quilted besides, no wonder you have been busy with it for so long. Have a wonderful week!

Christine said...

Hi Eileen, that is beautiful and love the hand quilting,well done.
If you check out my blog you can see that I have given you an award for your blog, you are more then welcome to put the logo on your blog.


Penni said...

This quilt is really spectacular. I am so impressed. I am making a Martha Washington Flower Garden and thought that was something. My friend has been working on her grandmother's flower garden as well. I can't wait to show her your photos. Spectacular and the quilting is fantastic. I'm not worthy.

julieQ said...

Oh my goodness, look at that quilting! Wow, amazing and beautiful, and the perfect finish for this lovely quilt.

Cheryl said...

What an amazing quilt and beautiful quilting!!! I am always in awe of hand quilted quilts. It is a beauty!!!

Candace said...

Your quilt is exquisite. I love those old fashioned fabrics and patterns, and hand quilted, what could be more perfect and beautiful.

eileen said...

Hi Eileen,
I don't know how I found you, but I'm glad I did. I hold the highest respect for hand quilting, and am fascinated by your tiny echo stitches.

I do love that flower quilt, and will be back to see how it's coming along.

whitestone said...

Hi, Eileen, I stumbled upon your blog from someone else's but don't remember whose! LOL. I'm a quilter, too, so I must tell you this Feed Sack quilt is soooo lovely. It will be wonderful when completed.
Looked at your other quilting projects, too, and browsed around. Enjoyed your blog very much and will check back again.