Monday, July 28, 2008

Eye Candy

. .Yes, I have some eye candy today.

First remember me showing you where I planted all those Naked Lady bulbs?

Well much to my surprise the first one up was right at the bottom of my back steps along the carport wall.
Today about 4 of the blossoms are out and lots more are poking their noses out of the ground along the drive in the back. They are a little early. Usually its the first of Aug when they show their faces.
Then here's one of those projects that has been sitting around unfinished. Well the blocks were our Friendship blocks for this year and when I finally got them, sewn together and decided on this border, I had that Orange Crush on the wall and I couldn't hang this to measure for the borders. So it laid on the sewing machine for a couple months. So that is done. It's square and a nice size for a throw and I will machine quilt it when I get around to it.

These are the little blocks on the wall, not sewn together but waiting. I did get it almost all sewn up today. It's the Schnibbles "Novantique" pattern that Kim sent me. It still has a narrow border and then a piano keys border from the rest of the charms. This took two charms. that I got for my birthday.

Then with my wall finally empty I decided to put these blocks back up to get me to finish the rest of them. They've been sitting on my sewing machine for a couple months. Lots of plaids and I love this setting. All I have to do with the rest of them is put on that outside border. But that requires sewing a lot of those tiny squares on ,to make the square in square cornerstones.
Then the best eye candy here. This is Dan my Daughter's youngest. He let his Dad take him to a regular barber shop to cut off most of his hair. It was down to his shoulders and over his eyes so that you couldn't see those cute eyes. It is so curly. They were up yesterday. with his sister who will be going back to Pensacola to college in a couple weeks. Everyone was asleep in the living room except Dan. He was in the basement where he can watch what he wants on TV. I went down with the camera and said I'm going to take your picture. I tried to get him to smile and think this is pretty good.

I'm really proud of him. He was a slow starter in school in fact he didn't start to talk for a long time. Just did average in elementary but then when he went to Middle School he really started to shine. Now going into High School he goes into all Honors classes. Sooner than his sisters did. He lets them know it also. He's a sweety.


Joyce said...

I used to have flowers like that... their name makes sense!! However, mine were/are not in a good spot. I ignore them and hope they go away soon. Maybe I should have dh find them and move them to a better place.

...Not that I have kept up on the weeding this summer. :(

Great picture of Dan - how handsome!! He is near JP's age, I think I remember. They were pals at my parents' 50th party at Bruce's.

Anonymous said...

Wow Eileen you had lots of nice pictures today. Love all the quilts. That Dan is one handsome dude as my DGD's would say. I had never seen Naked Ladies. I like them. I wonder if they would grow in my area? I will have to check this out. Is that the name I would look for?

Linda Z

Candace said...

Pretty flowers, and great quilts. I particularly like plaids, but all awesome. You are right your grandson is the best of all, and has accomplished so much to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

such a handsome young man. glad you can see those gorgeous eyes. He sounds like a great catch for some lucky young lady.
your flowers are so pretty. I have never seen those before.
and the quilts that you are finishing are beautiful. wish my UFOs were as pretty. they would not be UFOs. ha ha
Dawn in MA