Thursday, November 8, 2007

Trees on the Table--Done!

.Yes, this is all done, quilted and bound. I just laid it over the back of my chair hoping the quilting would show up a bit. Not the best but a good practice piece.

Now today I have helped with the going green. NBC has been having so much about helping the earth out. I stopped at Lowe's and bought 2 packages of 6 each of the new energy saving bulbs. They have them now that aren't as big and clunky. I have 4 different light fixtures. that take multiple bulbs.

Then I have two in the middle of the kitchen and eating area. 3 in the fixture over the sink in my bathroom. I had counted that I needed 12 bulbs. Nope this one over the table has 4.

So I put in the three top ones and the one in the middle is still the old type bulb. I have this light on and can see no difference in the amount of light.

They say on the box that each light will save $45 in electricity a year. So 45 x 12 = $540 I will save. Gee, think I can go buy more fabric?

Have you done your duty? I have one of the 3way bulbs in the lamp over my sewing machine. In fact all the lights on my porch are energy saving.

This is the one over my sink and the big open window looking into my porch and the trees are such beautiful colors right now.


Karen said...

I am curious to know what you did with the old incandescent bulbs. I have 3 ceiling fans times 4 bulbs each, plus other lamps and fixtures. Do you just discard the old ones?

I am just not a person to throw away perfectly good stuff!!


MARCIE said...

I bought one of those bulbs recently for the lamp in my livingroom. I ended up returning it. It was $10! It didn't give off enough light and I couldn't put the shade back on my lamp, the bulb was too big! I'm glad you had success with yours! Oh, and what a lovely little tree quilt you made!

Tazzie said...

Wow - that's a huge saving, you have definitely earned a fabric shopping spree!