Friday, November 9, 2007

Follow -up on going Green

I had a couple comments yesterday about the new type lights.

First the question was asked about what I was going to do with the old bulbs. They are going to the dump. I have plenty around here and since these new lights are suppose to last up to 7 years, might be as long as I'm around. Don't need the old ones. OK earlier I would never do this but times are changing.

Then the second comment was that she had bought one of these bulbs, probably when they first came out and it wouldn't fit in the lamp with the shade etc. So she took it back. She'd paid about $30 for it. That was several years ago. I didn't get any then either.

But I had seen these at Lowe's in packages of 6 for about $10.That seems pretty cheap to me. 6 bulbs. On the package they have a picture of this bulb next to the old bulbs. The same size around just a little longer. I will say the light is much softer. Check them out. I imagine Home Depot and any other hardware store has them now. I hadn't checked Wal-Mart.

No pictures today. I've finally gotten some more log cabin blocks done. Am half done the Sixth row.

We have had a touch of winter today. This morning when I went to Curves a little before 8 it was drizzling. When I came home and up on the mountain the drizzle changed to little white flakes. Didn't amount to anything but light rain most of the day. Dreary and good for sewing.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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