Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bubble Fairy

This is my daughter the bubble fairy for a day at the Renaissance Festival a couple weeks ago outside Annapolis, She's taken over for a day since her two daughters who did it for the last two years If you've never been to one you should try to go some time. My son took me and the family to the one outside of Denver when I visited a few years ago.

My daughter was up for a couple days this weekend to attend her 30th high school class reunion. She really enjoyed herself and when checking her mail on Yahoo she had 7 pictures that a photographer had taken. He said he would send them to her. I tried to get the best one.

This gal is the Mother of 4. with 3 of them in college this year. The oldest will graduate in the Spring. The baby is 13. She is a teachers assistant in a Special Needs school , working on her Master's so she can get her own class. She didn't have a teaching certificate when graduating 26 years ago. How time flies.

I finished my Snow Neighbors runner. Didn't realize it was so long. This was the best place I could find to take the photo. My kitchen island.
Guess the table would have worked but I would have had to take everything off of it.
Now to find something for the backing and get it marked. I do want to hand quilt this as it's for my neighbor and she likes the hand quilting.

Then I also finished the binding on my first Christmas present. The flannel quilt for my Son's family

Thought I would drape it over my chair to give the cosy effect. It is so soft. I have the upper left corner folded back to show the backing of the TB Christmas line with pine trees. Reminds me of the Colorado mountains where they live.

Now on to make more log cabin blocks.

OH, My Daughter when she walked in and saw the log cabin blocks on the wall, Said she really liked it. How big was I going to make it.? When I said Queen size she said "Good, it will fit my new bed".

She's always wanted a log cabin for a home. I really wasn't thinking about her when making this. LOL
Wonder if I'll get it finished for her or if she will have to finish it?

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