Saturday, November 24, 2007

Look what I got

Yesterday I heard a tap on the door and went to see who was there. No one but opening the door and looking down I saw this package and then out on the road with my mail Lady's red car, and with a wave, just like Santa, she left. Well, I had to go out and get the rest of the mail

I knew what it was and looked to see who it was from. Goodie, Jackie way up in Calgary, Canada. She was my secret Hollow sister for the season.

I know Kim has mentioned working on hers and I also said a little about making some ornaments and the coasters. They were for mine.

I had to get this opened and this is what I saw.

The card was in an envelope of course. It is so cute, a Jim Shore but the rest was just like this. All this silver - gold paper squished in around it.

See we were to make a minature tree skirt. Just what I needed for the little artificial tree that I put up now, or will a little later.

There was this triangular box which I presumed might be chocolates. Yes, Hedgehogs, So good.

But there was also three packages wrapped in FQ. Different blues, TB of course. She knows I like blue.

This shows the skirt all opened up with the three packages. wrapped with a big white ribbon.

Isn't this adorable. The ruffle like ruching around the outside is so different. She did a marvelous job. I love it Jackie. and she said she was a little intimidated when she got my name. I certainly don't know why.

I must say a little about Jackie. She , her hubby and sister, who lives in Toronto where at the Thimbleberries retreat two years ago when I went so I have met her. She and I are the senior members of this group but I think I have her by about 10 years.

Opening up the little packages I found three tiny Jim Shore ornaments. So cute.

This isn't a very good picture. But these are the Rooster, a book, and a bird ornaments. Also shows the quilting Jackie did.

This was such a fun swap. We try to do something like this each year. Great remembrances of our true friends.

Winter has really come to Western Maryland. Down in the 20's last night. Was 30 degrees when I went to Curves this morning. The wind has taken almost all the leaves off. Just keep on blowing them away.

This morning at 6 when I came out it was like daylight. The full moon shinning in my window. Beautiful start to a wonderful day.

Now back to quilting on my Snowman runner as it's a Christmas gift. I like to have things done early.

I sure wouldn't get up and go shopping at 4 in the morning like a whole lot of people did yesterday.

Also not into decorating like some other people I know. Getting too old.

Hope everyone has a great weekend to finish off this holiday.


sharon said...

What a great little tree skirt your friend made you. I found your blog thru my friend polkadotsandrickrack. Sounds like it's mighty cold where you are. Brrrrr

Cheryl said...

I love tree skirts and that one is really cute! What a great swap. Love the ornaments also!

Paula said...

I just found your blog, and I'm sorry to hear about your husband being disabled (I read it in your profile). I haven't been quilting as long as you (I haven't even lived that long yet!), but I love quilting and my husband is also disabled. I'm his full time caregiver. Aren't you glad we have quilting and the internet while we care for our Dear Husbands? Just wanted to pop in and say hello! Love your tree skirt, your friend did a great job.

Kairle said...

You're tree skirt and gifts are wonderful! We're so fortunate to have such fabulous friends!

Kim said...

Eileen, this tree skirt if delightful. For years now, I have thought how nice it would be to make one for our you think I've done it? Someday. This was a very happy gift exchange indeed. Hope quilt bloggers are keeping you in good company. I love to hear all about everything that is shared in our blogging. True quilters that we are, we cover a lot of ground in our blogs! LOL! Some days, it's not so much about quilting! :O)