Sunday, November 18, 2007

Good Morning - Afternoon

I had a comment from pudge's girl and since I have no email addy can't thank her that way. So figured I'd just make another blog for today.

No pictures, Just a little talk.

That was just a nice comment, Glad someone reads my blog every morning although it doesn't always have something new on it . Got to visit Kim for that.

Glad you like the scenery from back here in Maryland on the west side of South Mountain. It has been such a beautiful fall - winter.

But I would really like to be out there in your part of the country. I have a sister in Aptos that has been moved into a Senior Assisted Living as she is starting to get pretty bad with the senior moments and has a 90 year old husband to watch. She just doesn't sound like she is happy. Says it isn't HOME. I talked to her yesterday and she seemed really good.

But it just isn't possible for me to take a trip with my husband needing me here.

I have to look forward to Thursday when the family will come for Turkey. My Grandsons say they like to come because the food is always good. That's nice.

Do hope you are all planning a nice family get together and be thankful for all.

I've been doing some machine quilting on the Cover Story printed piece I am going to give to my newest great- great niece Smile that lives in Colorado. Just need to finish the border and hem it. Thought it would be a nice wall hanging for the girls room. She has an older sister, Soquel. Will get a picture when it is finished.

Have a great day today watching Football. But I'm afraid our Team the Redskins might have another bad day down in Dallas against the Cowboy's..

Go Redskins.

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Anonymous said...

Just had to get in with a message to you. We arrived yesterday with fog most of the way and no sunshine, Had some some light sprinkles on the way but no problems, This AM it is windy and cold, mid 30ths. Enjoyed going thru Your Blog, and good pictures. I'm starting to try to sell my Jap Soards and my first contact was a Shop in MD. I have written and sent photos and waiting to here from them. We hope to get them sold soon to help with MD bills. Hope you have a big family gathering, Katurah will be here for the day, Thur. Dorman