Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving All

My family has all left and I am tired. But what a wonderful time we had. The two Grandkids home from College were so nice to talk to. My oldest Grandson will graduate in the Spring and is planning to continue his job of cooking at a local country club where he has worked since high school. He has worked himself up to be chief cook and really likes this. We all said he should have gone to Culinary School but he says he knows more about cooking than the fellow who works there that graduated from one.

Anyway I was looking though some of my old quilts and ran across this feedsack sampler that I had forgotten about. Thought you might like to see it.

The blocks were a swap where we sent a small square of fabric to be used in the block and it was to be feedsack. This was on a 30's group.
I love that I got the two sunbonnet Sue and Sam.

Here's a closeup of the center part with the Sunbonnets. As you see I do like blue.

I saw this in the grocery store the other day and thought I should have a red one also. It is loaded with blossoms and is just starting to open.. To our Canadian friends, Thank you for growing such lovely flowers. I think the last African violet I bought was grown in Canada.

Now here is the new lamp I bought yesterday. It is wonderful and in case you're wondering about the Dalmatian hanging from it. Well. all quilters either have a cat or a dog. This is mine. We would love a cat or dog but with DH not being stead on his feet any animal would be more of a threat that a friend.

Then I just turned around and took this picture of the rest of the porch. That's my keyboard on the little table and the TV is my monitor with the printer underneath. The wall there is really the outside of the house which is native stone. This was a screened in porch that we had enclosed. Then the window over the sink was so high short me couldn't see out of it, so our cabinetmaker knocked out the stone and made the window lower, it is just over the sink and then suggested we leave it open. Sometime men are really wonderful. He did everything I wanted and more. So this is my little world. At the other end is my design board. This space is about 27 x 6 feet wide. But so handy to the kitchen.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day with the family like I did. It was worth getting tired over.


MARCIE said...

So glad you had a nice day surrounded by loved ones. That is the best! Your little quilt is adorable!

Kim said...

I wondered about the dog, Eileen! I'm glad you explained! LOL!

merrily row said...

Thank you for the pictures of your quilting porch. It helps me understand what you were describing.

BTW, love the dog, no fur on the quilts. And the sunbonnet blue and sam are cute too.

Kim said...

I have been on the hunt for a lamp like yours. Where ever did you find it? You are right about pets in the house. There are times when mine have nearly taken me off my feet. My cats have given me a run for my money a few times, especially in my sewing room!