Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas is Coming

Wanted to tell you about my little trip to town today. Had several things to do besides get beautiful.

I have a light which swivels and clamps on my ironing board. I'll get a picture later. It is really an architect's light with a round florescent and an incandescent bulb.
Well the florescent hasn't been working and I finally bought a new bulb which didn't even fit in the prongs. The next day the light came on. So figured it had to be in the socket.

So today I decided to stop at the Art store which is across the road from my beauty parlor. Sure nuff he had the very same thing but--

Now they have the Tru-lite - like the Ott light in round and it was wonderful. That with one of the new bulbs was perfect. But I still wanted to get it mounted on the wall right above the ironing board. He had a good suggestion which I will have to talk to my cabinet maker and see if he could make a little shelf like to clamp it to.

I went on and shopped at Wal-mart and took some quilting needles back to the QS. Don't ever get the large eyed needles by John James. They are awful. I have broke three already. Had bought two packs so exchanged one package for Henning which also say large eye but are much better.

After getting all my shopping done I decided I had to have that new lamp. It would be my Christmas present. So without telling my DH about it I surprised him with it.

I love it. I have three other Ott lights and they are the best. This sits right where I sit to read in the evening also and so have to have good light.

So now I am ready for Thanksgiving. All the work is for tomorrow. My DD and DSIL and 3 of the grandchildren will be up. and I have a couple jobs for the oldest. Shouldn't I make him work for his dinner?

Hope everyone has a wonderful family day.

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Kim said...

By all means! Put the kids to work! That's certainly what I do! LOL!