Friday, July 4, 2008


. Hope all of my blogging friends have a fun and safe holiday.

This is as close to a Red White and Blue quilt that I have made.

I showed this top before. One of the Mini's that I pieced from left over corners, made into HST and put together for geese and pinwheels.
Those are our flags flying and the geese our airmen doing their job for us.

The other day my hubby made a comment about the sayings on the little pieces of paper from Hershey kisses. I said sure it says Hershey. Nope it doesn't
This is the jar that I keep Kisses in, sort of empty since the Colorado Grandson was here the other day. They always know where this jar sits.

After I do the dishes in the evening for my treat I take two kisses and go to the living room and lay back in my chair , eat my kisses and take a nap.
See those little flags like sticking out. You know if you are careful you can get a nice square of tinfoil from this wrapper and also a very nice saying.
Can you read them? One says "I like you"

Isn't that nice, Then there is a "Big Hug"

and 'Thanks'. Just had to have a couple extra today just because. Lets see what else they say. Oh, here's a good one "Guess Who"

Then I get the second "Big Hug" nice for this holiday isn't it.

Now I know how much Quilter's like their Chocolate so if you don't have any Kisses at home you better get some.

I still haven't gotten anything more done on my OC quilt top. But have been making a small mini for someone special in our Quilters Hollow. We are having a Christmas in July to get a head start on Christmas gifts. Way too early to think about that.

Sometime I will have another quilted piece to show.

Hubby has been keeping me pretty busy. He is coming a long much better but with his condition its good one day and not so good the next. But we do what we can. At least he is home and happy to be here.

Thanks for stopping by. I will be watching the fireworks tomorrow evening when they have them on the Antietam battlefield. Seems I'm just at the right elevation to see them.That's about 10 miles away.

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Lindah said...

Now who would have thought!...messages on the little Hershey pull strips. hmmm...wonder if they will replace fortune cookies? I hope so! :-)
Your little quilt is so pretty with its great symbolism.
Blessings on you and hubby!