Friday, June 27, 2008

Update on life

Finally getting back to posting a little. Haven't had the time to do much sewing.but I did get the June block done for Carol Doaks Block of the Month.Used some more of the fish fabric and the bright orange batik. This will be a wild quilt if I ever get it put together.
Two more months and we will have 12 blocks.

This past week has had it's ups and downs. Hubby was doing really good and then all of a sudden he started to keep to much fluid and with a heart patient this is not good. His feet and ankles swell up and drastic measures have to be started. He decided he needed to go to the ER at 1 in the morning. Called 911. Thank goodness our daughter was here for the night and she did the driving. Really thought they would keep him but nope after we had come home and almost in bed. The call came to come get me. Doctor figured he would do as well at home than in the hospital except there are no nurses to take care of him when he can't sleep and need help getting around. Really hard not to have but a couple hours sleep in a night and then keep going during the day. Daughter had to go back home to get ready for a trip tomorrow to Texas with the church youth chorus called the Voices of Praise. This time it is 14 year old Dan that is singing in it. Since his sisters graduated he finally said he would join.

They are going to Austin and visit the capital and sing in the rotunda plus the church they attend on Sunday and several other places. Going back to San Antonio in the middle of the week and spending a day at Six Flags. Sounds like a lot of fun. Daughter likes to go along as a chaperon and also takes care of the girls dresses.

She called this afternoon to say she had the job she wanted. After all those nights going to school getting her Master's and Education certificate she finally will have her very own class. She interviewed for four different ones and the one she got is the one she really wanted. This is in an elementary school so the children will not be as physically handicapped as at the school she has been an assistant at for the last seven years.

Really is good to see your children grow up have wonderful families and then get to do what they really enjoy to make a good living.
At least the teachers salaries are a lot better now than when hubby was teaching.

Hope I can start getting back to some sewing. Need to finish up this Orange Crush top and the Plaid blocks that I started a long time ago. All I need is to finish the last round on them and it's all sitting on my sewing machine.

Guess I should get off the Internet and do something else. Thanks for stopping by.


Amanda said...

Sorry to hear that your husband has been unwell - and that you've been getting so little rest. That must be really hard for you to remain positive when you're feeling so drained! Good news for your daughter though, you must be feeling very proud of her. Hope you get a chance to have some time for yourself soon.

Kathie said...

what a bright block!
glad you got to sew a little bit
this has been a long journey for you being the care giver.
I hope you can take more time for yourself, you need too.
Glad your daughter was there to help you.

Ila said...

You're due for some better times soon! Praying for smooth water for you for a while...

Joyce said...

Sorry to hear Unc is not so well. That sure makes it rough on you!!

I LOVE your fish block - did you know I like fish? I love the colors and the fussy cut center.

Yeah for R to get her pick of a job! That is so terrific and I'm sure would make her proud of herself. Good job!!

Sue R said...

Gorgeous block, and this will be a gorgeous quilt. Sorry to hear about your husband, sounds like you both are having a rough time of it.

Candace said...

Having been a caregiver for my mother, and with my husband having problems, although not to the extent of your DH, I can feel a lot of what you feel. I know it's hard at times even though done with love, and I know at times I have even felt kind of like a nonperson when it is at it's most intense, and all the attention has to be on the loved one. Thankfully, those times don't last, and better times come along. I hope that you can get some help, and some time for yourself, and just know that you and your husband are in my prayers. I don't know if you would feel comfortable, but there is a group called 'Share the care' for help for the seriously ill and their caregivers. I believe that it is volunteers who just want to help.