Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Pets

The other afternoon before my brother got here, I started outside to see how hot it was and out in this side yard were two fawns. I hurried in to get the camera but couldn't get a good enough picture. Then the next day here were two larger deer looking for all the goodies in the yard.
The second one got behind a tree. Why can't they stay and pose for me?

This is their favorite thing in my yard and the neighbors. It did have lots of big leaves. Now just the stems. It is a Hoya. The first year I had it there on the side of the carport the blossoms were almost ready to burst and the next morning nothing , all gone. The leaves will come back but when will they ever get the chance to bloom again.

I have been doing some sewing this past weekend. Got busy and sewed the diagonal strips together on the Orange Crush. Then found this darker blue pin dot and it does the trick as the inner border.

So that is sewn on. I sewed all the leftover split four patches together like Bonnie did and put them up to see how I would like it.
Just enough for one long side and the top. Really like the affect of the dark triangles along the edge of the inner border. So I started to cut more triangles and squares. Did have strips already as Bonnie does so that went fast. Sewed them up yesterday and this morning, pressed and now am squaring them up. So did want to show a little that I've been doing. Got more going for later.

Now I want to get out and water some. After about 3 days of 90 degree weather even the little shower we had last night is not enough.

Thanks for stopping by.


Lurline's Place said...

Hi Eileen,
Thanks for visiting and I love your blog - wow - that sunset! How lovely to have deer so close - we don't have them here. And ... nice work on your OC.
'Bye - Lurline.

Marcie said...

Hi Eileen! I guess I missed your birthday! Hope it was happy! I saw your cute picture on Kairle's blog. Your Orange Crush looks great!

Roslyn Atwood said...

Your OC has turned out nicely.And yes, it's hard to get those dratted wild animals to pose!