Friday, July 25, 2008


.I'm really surprised to see how the aftermath of this storm has rejuvenated the trees. See in this picture, taken out my porch window, the leaves growing out of this old tree trunk?
This is where a limb broke off when the top fell down from the other tree. The red leaves you can see on the limb are new ones also. Oak trees normally do not get new leaves in the summer time.
This one is of the Tulip Poplar that the top came out of. There is an old limb right at the viewing area from my husbands chair in the living room. He watches the squirrels and birds on this limb and this new growth of a limb that goes up and hitting another limb has grown a good 5 feet since the storm. That's how fast these trees grow. In the springtime they have big yellow flowers. Hence the name Tulip Poplar.
This is the first two blocks I've started making out of the two packets of charms which were a birthday gift from Kim. She also sent me the patterns to three of Schnibbles.
I wanted to do Little Red but these packets didn't have enough lights so am doing Novantique. These are 6 in. blocks in Sho-Fly using opposite colors. Think it will be neat. I still have to get some yardage in this line Wildflower Serenade but it hadn't come in yet. But am working on these blocks when I get a chance to sit and sew a bit.

So more on that later. Thanks for stopping by.

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