Friday, July 18, 2008


I've been closely watching the restoration of the hotel that burned in town. Remember I showed you all about this old Hotel when I first started this blog back in October of last year. If you are new to reading my blog, go back to the Oct.10 post called Nora Roberts new project.

There is a good picture of how the Hotel looked before the tragic fire this winter. There are pictures of that on Feb. 24, o8.

Anyway yesterday I had to go to the Library so took my camera along to get some update pictures.

This one I took while waiting for the red light to turn. See the lift up at the top window? He's working on the dormer and putting in the windows.

I went to the Library and then stopped on the way back and walked up the street to get more pictures

This shows it while walking up from the parking lot. This is the intersection of Alternate 40 and the road to Sharpsburg and the Antietam Battlefield.
The have all the lower windows in and the upper ones. Think they are getting read to put the roof on

A closer picture taken from right across the street. Notice the house on the left which also burned out. Still not had anything much done to it. I did notice they had taken some of it down in the back.

Remember there is a porch that goes on the front out over the walk.

I walked across the street then to get this side picture and the lift. This scuffling has been up before the fire as they were restoring the old brick. But now have replace most of it Also they pointed up all the stone work. Lots of preliminary work was done before they started on the real construction.

Here's a closer picture of the man working on that dormer window. The pigeons won't get in those windows.

This is the back In an earlier picture I had shown how they were restoring the old back. Now it is almost done back here except for the balcony's from these upper floors.
See the back of the house next door. Cleaned out some.

Here's from across the street looking towards the square.
I wanted to show you the progress. The next time maybe when they get the porch on.

Here's a final looking back from across the street. Sure looks a lot better than 6 months ago. They hope to have her open by the holidays, I think.

I really don't have anything quilty to talk about. Am getting close to finishing my secret Mini. By the end of the month I can show it and maybe what I receive.

I had a visit this afternoon from my brother and his wife from Ohio and their oldest daughter, Nancy and hubby Jeff from Indiana. They had taken their parents to Richmond last week to a church conference and were on their way home. Just had a couple hours visit but that's better than nothing. I had seen them in California in May for my Sister's memorial. We used to visit each other at least once a year. But with getting older and now hubby can't travel I have to depend on them coming to see me.

He's the one that took that picture of me in my about me, Quilting on his solarium. This is what gave me the idea of my quilting porch.

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Joyce said...

What great progress on the hotel! That looks so nice!

However.... someone was looking for family pictures~!! ;) Just kidding! Glad you had a good visit.

Amanda said...

I'm always interested to get several views of a building, it helps to build it up in my mind. They are getting on well aren't they. Glad you enjoyed the visit from your brother.