Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake!

And we did, Our good friend Roben, called the evening of my birthday, Hubby had told her, and wanted to know what my favorite cake was. I had to think a bit as I only bake what hubby likes and after almost 60 years , what hubby likes , you like.

So Angel food was my choice with chocolate icing.
Here's what she walked in with. Not as high as the ones I've made but she is the COOK.

She has written two cook books on special things like Gluten- Free for those with Celiac Disease. She makes her own recipes but before the evening was over she agreed that she needs to improve this one.

As you can see it is not as holey as an angel food cake should be. Much more dense but good. In fact since hubby and I have both had a piece for lunch today it is half gone. Of course we had to try it out before she left. Even got her to eat a piece.

This is a very special lady. Younger than my daughter and has three children, with two going to Johns Hopkins next year. They used to live below us when we were in the other house. Then when this house became available she was thinking of buying it also for an investment, but when she knew we wanted it, they said they would buy out 20 acres of mountains and let us have this one.
This included letting us live in our old house for 6 months while we cleaned it out and remodeled this one.

She loves to stop in and talk with hubby, Sort of a replacement for her own father that she lost a couple years ago.

Here is her newest book. Just off the presses in June. It is wonderful. In fact she has a terrific recipe for Seafood Chowder which my hubby loves and I have made it for company this summer. Not sure where it's available but if anyone is interested let me know and I will find out. Maybe Amazon has it . It's published by DeCapro Press.

See my birthday just goes on and on. Thanks for stopping by.

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Jan said...

Happy Birthday to Paul and Anne's Aunt Eileen from Anne's Mother, Jan! Sounds like you had several days of celebrating!! That's a good thing!