Friday, July 25, 2008

Orange Crush

. Finally I got this quilt sewn together. Made the outside border of the split four patches like Bonnie did but did not put another outer plain border on. This is big enough.
Here it is on Hubbies bed. You can see the blue inner border and then the outer. I really like the way this went together.

Here it is on the design wall. Not quite big enough to show it all but you can see the bottom. See how the corners went together on this end?

In this one you can see how the corners of one end came together. The other end had the dark triangles. Sort of neat.
Have no idea how I'll end up quilting this. Might get a friend who also has done this quilt and has a long arm to quilt it after she does hers.

No hurry as this isn't for anyone particular. DD really like it which surprised me.

Enough for now. At least this is another project finished for now.


Amanda said...

Hooray! It looks great now that it's finished, I love the way the corners came together, such clever designing.

Candace said...

It turned out so beautiful. It makes me wish that I had gone ahead and made the extra little blocks for the border. Great job.

Joyce said...

I love that outer border and agree to stop there. I like the activity it provides!

Gabriele said...

You have made a very good job. I like your OC and the idea with the outer boarder.


Kucki68 said...

I love the way yours looks without an outer border! So nice. Now you have me thinking maybe I should do the additional units for the border. I was thinking of skipping those. Hmmm