Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Paper Pieced Round Robin and Mystery Start

I've finished my third round of the Your Truly Round Robin. Really like how it turned out but sure don't know what I might do for the next round.

Have no idea how many Carol Doak is going to have us do. But it is fun.
Course after I had made all those rectangles I ended up with two 1/4 inch to short and another one 1/2 in to wide. I made the patterns myself so it was my ruler that did it.

Then the last time I showed you the fabric I was going to use for Bonnie's new mystery quilt Orange Crush.

Yesterday afternoon she posted to the chat what the first clue was. We had cut 2" lights and dark strips and were to sew one to the other making long strips So I had the time yesterday afternoon and here's the pile of strips as I was getting ready to cut.

We were to then cut them into 2 inch pieces. and of course we were to make 4 patches.

Here's about half of them and I laid out a few into patches. We need to make 150. I have 60 made and pressed. Have the rest laid out ready to sew but don't know how much I will get done. Maybe tonight.

But tomorrow is a day in town, Dentist to get a filing replaced. Hopefully and then the beauty parlor. Because on Thurs. I'm flying out to a retreat with some of my online friends in Kansas City for the weekend.

My daughter had said she would come up and stay with her Dad so I could get a little break. So I might not get another post until I get back. Sure hope I don't forget my camera.

Thanks for stopping by. How many of you visitors are doing the Mystery quilt? I know we have over 1500 signed into the Quiltville Chat. Leave me a comment.

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Ila said...

I was NOT going to do OC. NOT. I had a little time to burn while washing a quilt back. I stitched a few 2 inch strips together.

But I can stop. Any time I want to.


Neat Round Robin!

Lindah said...

Eileen, the online friends retreat sound so neat. Hope you have good travel and a lot of fun.
Ah, yes the OC mystery. I plan to do it, but don't have anything beyond the dark/light strips picked out. HOWEVER, when I was at my church quilt group this week, I noticed 2 great fabrics: dark yellow and dark rust. Then a bright blue joined them. So, I figure that I'm supposed to make a lap-size for the ministry at the same time I am making the full size! When I get a minute, I'll make a whole bunch of 4 patches and then I'll go to Joann's and see if I can rustle up some more fabrics. My personal stash has dwindled into small scraps, so I must buy. tsk-tsk. I'm not really a mystery person, but I do like Bonnie's work. In the meantime, I have the CC on my frame and hope to get it done this weekend.
Have fun!
Linda H

Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen

As I said before I love your Blog and go back many times.
I really love your 4 patches for th OC mystery they look like civil war prints, that is the look I am going for when I finally start. Hopefully today, have a great day.

Christine C in Brisbane/Australia

Carolyn said...

love your blog....first time visiting
yes i am doing the OC...chose my fabrics yesterday and made some four patches
i am using brights which is a real stretch for me
have a great time at your retreat and makes sure to take pics

Judy said...

I love, love your round robin. I'm on that list and haven't started mine yet but I plan to soon. But I couldn't wait to start the OC mystery!
Have a blast at your retreat.

Paula said...

I'm doing Bonnie's Mystery Orange Crush, and have Part 1 completed. It's been fun working on it.

Ursula said...

I love your RR, it came out really neat ......
thanks for sharing

Joyce said...

I haven't been by for a visit in awhile... buried in life, fatigue, and soaping! :-)

I wondered when your trip was or if you were already back. Hope you have a blast this weekend! I know you will.

I haven't quilted since my trip to MS and making her a wallhanging. Way behind on my BOMs. ugh! I don't like being behind and now it is another month!!

You get so much done! I retire from teaching next year so maybe that will be better. ;-)

Your Carol Doak RR is really pretty! The colors are so relaxing.

Marcie said...

Hi Eileen, Those Ohio Stars are zingers! I love them!Good for you for jumping in on Bonnie's OC quilt. Looks like fun! Have a great time on your retreat! Hugs from me!

Katie said...

I'm doing it! :-)

julieQ said...

Very pretty fabrics in your OC four patches! I am doing reproductions in mine...yep! I'm doin' it!

Lynn E said...

Love your round robin. I never got the hang of paper piecing. I am also participating in the OC mystery. Enjoy your retreat

Anonymous said...
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