Saturday, April 12, 2008

The New and the old

Something said on Quiltville Chat intrigued me yesterday. A gal from across the pond said she had a stack of 5 inch squares and wanted something to do with them. Of course there was several suggestions along with some links.

I followed one and came upon this, probably from a Nickle book. You sew 9 of them into a 9 patch. Then cut them in the middle both ways. Ending with 4 pieces which you can rearrange into different designs. I had a charm set of the TB Lodge collection so decided to try it.
Here's what I got with doing only two sets. Which is all I had of that collection. Really easy and neat. Different than the Yellow Brick Road.

Then I finished making all the little 6 inch Ohio Stars. Really a mix of colors and everyone looks different.
This is only half of them. Have other things up on the board and didn't want to move them until I decide about the setting.

While at the retreat in KC one of the gals from Kansas took us down to her room to show off the two quilts she brought for her bed. Well one of them was made using these swap pieces. This is what I want to do.

She used a different block pattern as this is from a magazine and she is sending me the pattern. I will have to change it to suit my blocks. Like all the backgrounds are different so will have to add a strip around each block for a type of BG and I have lots of different plaids to use for that sashing. So stay tuned.
Then Wanted to show you that Spring has finally come to Maryland
I picked these out of my yard the other day as there was so many and DH can't see them . I also stopped at the stand downtown that has plants every spring and of course the plants were out today. It's been 78 for the last 2 days. Really don't need the 80's yet, it's only April.
Bought a new hanging plant which I put on the outside porch and I can see it while sitting at the MSNTV and talking to you. This is a flower that looks like a little petunia and the humming birds love it. Fun to watch them come and go all around getting a little out of the flowers. It is too early for them though.
I also got two packs of snapdragons for the front yard.
Sun is going down now. We sure had a rain, thunder and lightening show last night. Almost an inch of rain.

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Amanda said...

I've started doing something similar with some 30s charm squares, though I've still got to arrange them and stitch them. I just love the idea of seeing humming birds from your window - we only get to see them in tropical aviaries here in the UK.

June said...

I am a new reader of your blog. You are a very interesting person, and love your photos and quilts. God Bless!