Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stars and Orange crush

I'm finally getting some more pictures to show of the Ohio star blocks. So far I have these 13 made and no this is not how they are going to be put together
But aren't they fun. I'm thinking of sashing and cornerstones. They need to be divided so each color combination shows. Wouldn't think they were the same pattern.

But this isn't all I've been doing the last few days. My daughter has been having to clean out what was her sewing area as her FIL has moved in and with no place else to put it she's been filling my garage. But she left me with 5 fair size boxes of fabric. Said to use what I wanted. I'm trying to use up stash.

She hasn't been sewing for a few years since she has been teaching full time and working on her Masters degree to get her teaching certificate. So why not give it to Mom.

I got an idea to put it out on two shelves that I had glass on in the basement where my tables are and my Juki for quilting. So after Bonnie showed us how she was folding all her stash up nice I decided to do that with this fabric so I could see what there was. The tables came in mighty handy for folding. Lots even needed to be ironed to get it folded right. So here's the one side
I'm stacking it according to colors.The little pile is yellows, so far not hardly any. The one is rusts. You can tell pretty much how much is in each by how big it is. Hope I can keep it that neat
Here's the other side. Reds. blues greens and lights.

Then I saw where Bonnie is starting another mystery. I didn't do the last one but when I saw this large piece of orange which is here on the table I figured that would be great for the Orange Crush. So I picked out the rest , Maroon. Navy and the top is a green and is suppose to be a bright
but that's the best so far. Then the blues are a variety from my stash.

Here's the close up. Think this green will be bright enough for a zinger?

I have quite a stack of lights cut in 2 in. strips upstairs and the darks in the two sizes. Have no idea if it is enough but can always cut more.

So I am ready for Bonnie's first post on April 1. Oh, do you think she might fool us and not post it. With what has been going on in her life she just might forget.

I'm hoping I can get started on it a little before taking off next Thurs. on a much needed vacation.

My daughter is coming up after school on Thurs. to stay with her Dad for the weekend while I fly out to Kansas City for a retreat with online quilting friends. One I've met but most I have not. Am just taking hand work. Quilting and that angel that I started especially for this time.

It looks like spring is coming. The Maples are reding up and I finally have a few Jonquils blooming. And tomorrow is opening day for Baseball. Tonight Baltimore O's are playing their last practice game with the DC Nationals in their new stadium. WOW What a place. Would love to see it but am happy to watch the game tonight , I hope they televise it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

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Jana said...

I have been folding and restacking my own fabric today too! Yours looks so pretty all neat and tidy out on your shelves!